The Fastest dvd-rom?



Hi, I am looking for fastest dvd-rom.I want burning on the fly 12x.

p.s. Sorry for my bad english


AOpen 1648 AAP Pro.


Sorry but in my Country dont have this AOPEN :bow:
Pleace second fastest :iagree:


Liteon 167T with codeguys firmware:

After that I would have to go with BenQ1620 Pro with the MediaCodeSpeedEdit tool:

Also be aware that your NEC 3500 already is the fastest ripper of DVD-R and +R with factory firmware.


Thank you very mach .Monday i go in shop for Lite-on 167 .
I want burn 4dvd-r in same time 8x,12x on the fly
I go sleep now becose here is morning now :rolleyes:


Burn on the fly at 12X can be problematic if the read drive must slow down to read a bad DVD. Take a few extra minutes to write the data to the hard drive, then burn the data to the DVD.


4x at 12x