The fake(st)! media you have ever seen ?!

I just came across some crap fake media that made me literally sick!

It is called UNITAX :bigsmile:

It is VERY fake in every aspect that I started laughing when I saw it .

A) The jewel case looks exactly like fake Sony MIC with fake TYG02 MID !

B) It has : MITSUBISHI CHEMICAL written on the front and back and Media itself !!!

C) It has : GERMANY MACHINE written also (I don’t know what this means!)

D) It is Made In P.R.C !!! (People Republic Of China I presume !)

E) It has fake TYG02 MID (See B !) :wink:

F) = Fail = UNREADABLE :bigsmile:

God Bless Egypt :a


rofl nice one. The only other media that comes to mind is from another thread on cdfreaks ages back, dvdr boasting ‘USB Technology’ heh.

That’s funny stuff. I don’t know which is worse, that disc/packaging or the faked Verbatim discs in Europe that exactly copied Verbatim packaging and disc graphics. At least with these you know they’re fake despite all the BS mimicking of Sony/MCC/TY, with those Verbatim discs they were a very convincing replication of a product and you basically had to read the production codes on the discs just to confirm that they were not really Verbatim.


You know, if only the discs were made the same quality as the real thing, we wouldn’t mind fakes at all. Too bad they will probably always produce very poor burns.

Cool I would rate these as just as good as Titek. (Disc with Fake TY code but ussing Ritek design !)

Hey, it’s a good looking disc :slight_smile: If I ever have chance, I will try it :slight_smile:

Those suckers abusing Germany’s flag! :stuck_out_tongue:

I wonder what Mitsubishi Chemical/Verbatim will say to that disc, maybe you should report it?

“Unitax Optical” reminds me of the “Sony Optical” on some Sony media packaging though…

I also hated their use of German flag because I respect this country :flower:

And yes the “Unitax Optical” is very similar to “Sony Optical” with the same jewel case color and style of fake Sony MIC media I saw before (Although I’ve seen genuine Sony MIT media with the same color for -R 8X and with green color for +R 8X !)

I will forward this thread to MCC and see although I doubt they would do anything :doh:

Maybe I should start my own brand, how about Unethical Optical? Or perhaps Mucho Counterfate (typo intended) Chemicals. :rolleyes:

Actually I recently bought 50 fake TYG02 for €7.99, which were supposed to be CMC MAG E01. Burn quality is the best ever for fake media on my Liteon 18A1P:

LOL! :bigsmile:

A second LOL :bigsmile:

@kassandro : your “good” scan is propably due to the [B]fake[/B] TYG02 MID , there are other elements that genuine quality media has and fake media doesn’t (ie : physical dye , protective layer"s" and bonding) .

Do another scan after a month and see :wink:

What did you expect from the product from P.R.C.? :bigsmile:
Taiyo Yuden? :bigsmile:
But you know, they are kind of honest maker/product that mentioned they are Made in P.R.C. :bow:
Most P.R.C. made don’t even have their origin or fake origin usually not just on media but almost all kind of goods. :Z

If it’s says vanguard then it’s clear who made them.
I have to say for vanguard disc’s those results are excellent rememberring there old cd-r’s.(The Vanguard cd-r’s I’ve seen made princo look good ! That says enough I think !)

A friend of mine bought some blank DVD-Rs (they were purple on the underside) from a trip to China a while ago. Strangely enough, the packaging said “DVD-ROM Blank”.

So I knew immediately it was fake. No idea who manufactured it though.

The DVD+R in this website have a “Compact Disc Recordable” logo! :eek:

And even the font used for “disc” is wrong. LOL. :bigsmile:

LOL! :bigsmile:…and at least they could have used the right font, that one just screams fake :bigsmile: