The F.A.Q. for this forum

Welcome to the International Chat: General Topics CD Freaks Living Room forum !

The WHAT ?
The living room.

Here you can discuss anything that does not fit in all the other forums. Type it in English and if it’s possible , correct English.
If it’s not possible because you’re drunk , tell us :slight_smile:

Anything ? Really ? Cool !
Not anything and everything. You have certain rules to uphold around here. Not much , but some rules (next to the general agreement you all accepted) must be followed.

Keep in mind everybody has different beliefs , methods , humour , agressions , religions , computers , bikes , cars, girlfriends , medications , fingers , toes , houses , parents , internet connections , clowns , hair , psychologists , etc.

What general agreement. I didn’t sign anything.
If you’re a registered member of the CdFreaks Forum you have accepted the rules. You can find them here.

Yeah yeah , rules are boring. Tell me more about the Living Room
The living room was set up to have more contact amongst users without having to post threads about cd/dvd rom related hard- and software. If you browse along you will find lots of discussions , plenty of polls and the weirdest posts you might have ever seen in your whole life. Some are meant serious and some are meant as jokes. While rules may be boring , if they are not respected , you will get no respect either.

Flames ON !
No , Flames off Defenitely flames off.

This forum is not meant as a therapy for your anger 100% of the time you are here. It’s ok to spill out your anger once in a while of course.

Sure , you can tell people what you think about things that happen around you , but the majority might not care what you think , how you look like and why your life is so interesting or boring.

Imagine you’re sitting in your living room and your having all the cdfreaks forum users over for lunch. 33% of them do not understand you , 33% of them agree , 33% of them disagree and 1% is the cdfreaks staff , moderators and admins who advise and moderate you from time to time. But we all love beer ! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Party !

Anyhing else ?
If it’s extremely offensive , it will be deleted.
If your post is a commercial , it will be deleted.
If you spam , it will be deleted.

Special things ?
We have an IRC channel.
We have several specials , such as The Quest For The Longest Thread , Wuzthis contests , Gossip channels and so forth. Join our conversations !

Are you guys fun ?
We hope that you become a frequent visitor of the forum. If you have anything you want to share , please post it. Never be afraid to open up a new topic. The moderators can’t bite you :). Everyone can and may post anything about everything :bow:

Oh and can I have a custom usertitle ?
Custom usertitles are given without any logic or reason and is subject to change at any time.