"the express" won't copy

i tried to copy and burn “the express” but once the read of the dvd it finished the program closes. not sure if it crashes or just closes. i tried 5 different movies just it does it on that movie

Have you tried “Disabling” PathPlayer in common settings ?

yep disabled pathfinder. when i put the dvd in, it says open dvd source like normal then after the dvd was read the program closes for no reason

what version of DVDFab are you using? I don’t think you mentioned it. I backed up this movie using the latest version – whole DVD. Pathplayer was disabled as recommended by Stormjumper.

did this movie with the latest version and pathplayer always enabled

i just kept putting the movie in the drive and it would fail then i would load it again…I did this about 5 times and for some reason on that try it finally read it and i was able to burn it.

I have had this happen to me a few times and later found the disc I was tring to backup had a bad sector the drive was having trouble getting past :iagree: they are known as bad pressed DVD’s which are still released.
this issue is mostly related to drives in computers because they read the media at a much faster rate…standalone DVD player only read at 1x thus having no trouble when it comes to focusing on the problematic area :wink:

I have been having a heck of a time with this movie too. My first try failed, it would close the program same way as the first poster. So I downloaded the latest version on this board. Then on my second try, copying failed and it gave me a message saying there was even a newer version available. So third try, I downloaded it and copying failed again. Fourth try, I did it on clone and my computer crashed half way through. Fifth try, did it on clone again and after about six hours of copying at .01 MB/sec, it managed to get half way through then I got a message saying copy process failed.

Every other movie copies just fine, it’s just this one that’s so messed up.

its all good i upgraded to and its works. but it won’t copy “W” though

Yes it will copy “W” read this thread http://club.cdfreaks.com/f116/backup-w-failed-265503/ it says it will and I was able to do my copy also. Next time Check the forum threads as this one is on the first page

:iagree: Yeah even the OP got it copied but didn’t post it :frowning: course I was told because of the conflict with me :bigsmile: oh well