The Ever Recalcitrant Nero



After editing the registry and numerous failed attempts I’ve finally managed to get the latest version of Nero loaded on my machine.

I decided to try to burn an audio CD to see how it worked.

To my stark disbelief I wasn’t offered an opportunity to select burn speed. I will be using 25 carat gold CDs for one or two “important” projects, and would like to burn at 1X. :frowning:

To my further stark disbelief when printing the CD cover it no longer has those helpful marks that enable one to cut to size accurately. :sad:

The sole advantage of the new Nero is that it condescends to recognise my new Pioneer DVD re-writer. Am I missing something or have they made a mess of things? :confused:


Ok… well most dvd writers arnt able to burn at 1x, as the majority of the market dont want to. If you look around you might be able to find some firmware to solve that issue, however as most re-writers cant burn at 1x, the software market have also decided not to include 1x burning.
Also with nero, you are able to put in borders for your cd/dvd, you just havnt selected it. When you have the design ready to print, click print, then select “on all paper stocks” under print borders. Hope this helps, welcome to the forum.