The European Union Constitution

Tomorrow, the Dutchies may vote if they agree with the European consitution. It seems that the majority (60% or so) will vote “NO” to the proposed European Untion Constitution.

What do you think International Freakers? Is it beneficial for Europe to act under one constitution?


I would vote (if I could, at this point there decision is scheduled to be taken in the parliment but with the storm that followed France’s no and might turn into a hurricane when Holland says no we might get a referendum after all) I would vote NO.

Because I would like to see the EU rebuilt from scratch. It doesnt have to do with the actual politics, but rather the enormous waste of resources that plauge the current organisation. For example the monthly Brussels-Strasbourg-Brussels move alone costs in round terms 300 million euros.

i would (if i could) vote NO…

it was ok when it was just a few members but its got well out of hand now, like since when has turkey been in europe.

actually, part of Turkey has always been Europe and another part Asia…

Istanbul sits on the Strait of Bosporus which has traditionally been used to demarcate the continent of Europe from the continent of Asia.

i would vote NO…i also think you’d all be speaking German :stuck_out_tongue:

It sounds horrible and I would definately vote NO

€ … 3x NO!

ok i think one big europe would not be a good idea…

Rule Britania, Britania rules the wavesssssssssssssssssssssssss

Blah, Blah, Blah, You would all be speaking german if it wasn’t for us.


you’d all be speaking German if it wasn’t for England? hahaha…funny joke…

Sarcastic? We woulnt even be speaking German, we would not be here at all, and it isnt all because of England.

If I could vote, then Yes, most of what we do in Europe seems to follow the same set of rules, and other than patriotism I see no harm in the consitution. I guess if the constitution had been there 60 years ago Hitler would have never been able to do what he did.

Ben :slight_smile:

in response to the above bolded quotes:

the first is a broad-sweeping generalization that i think many many Europeans would disagree with you about…what constitutes “most of what we do”?

the second is purely hypothetical and a simplistic assumption that doesn’t take into account Mussolini and other fascist leaders that contributed to the atrocities of WWII.

The EU is a large, corrupt, waste of space. People patting each other on the back by making deals that make sure their countries come out on top if at all possible. Countries need to be individual - why try and make everything the same. It seems all too often France and Germany like to think they are the king pins of Europe - not true - every country has it’s good and bad points - enough of the madness - make some rules regarding protecting people from war, for general fair play, but leave all the other bull out of people’s lives.

Yes, but I was speaking generally, and by “most of what we do” I am refering to are basic laws and principles, for example not having the death penalty.

As for the other fasicst leaders, yes, but without Hitler having the power to “spearhead” the whole thing, it would have not gotten to the extent it did.

Ben :slight_smile:

so is there a consensus on abortion? illegal drugs? immigration? healthcare? taxation? what side of the road you drive on? you’re definitely speaking generally…

no offense, but i think you really need to read up on your European history from 1880-1946 before claiming that “without Hitler having the power to ‘spearhead’ the whole thing, it would have not gotten to the extent it did.”

Definetely No!

I want Japan and South Korea to start building undersea roads and rails that connect South Korea’s Busan port to Tsushima island of Japan and then to Kyushu island which is already connected to Honshu, the biggest island of the Japanese archipelago. From Busan to Seoul, only 110 minutes by KTX rail will be standard in a few years. Might take five hours or less between Beijing and Tokyo. The first South Korean president that seriously mentioned it to the Japanese public was Gim (Gim is the Korean pronunciation) Dae Joong, the guy whom Park Jung Hee tried to assissinate many times and became South Korea’s first Nobel winner. The construction of such physical connections between the mainland East Asia and Japan implies the millenia-old love-hatred relationship to end in this century. Whether it will start in 2005 or 2095 is the question.

I will vote NO.

I would vote NO, which living in England unfortunately I dont think I will get the chance to do in a years time now regardless of if the Dutch vote no.

I find the abominable unaccountable waste of money that is the current EU an affront to my intelligence, and values. What is worse is I in part like most of the other people here are paying for it!

The UK contributes NET £3.3bn (€4.7) to the EUs bloated coffers a year (£55 for each man woman and child) projected to rise by 55% over the next 4 years. A hourendous waste of money that should be spent on British citizens.

I have utter contempt for the current crop of dishonest lying and corrupt EU politicians. I am fed up with being lied to, deceived, mislead, and ultimately betrayed by the politicians notionally elected to serve my interests, not their own.

The EU has compromised and compromised until it has managed to reach a solution unacceptable to everyone. To use Airheads example of the ridiculous “Brussels-Strasbourg-Brussels move”. I am English, I dont care whether it is in Brussels or Strasbourg. I do care about it being in both, and wasting a fortune doing so. To use topical examples, how many thousands of peoples lives could be made immeasurably better by spending that money on the refugees the Sudan? It seems almost immoral.

The entire European commission should be imprisoned for gross negligence. How many years is it now that the auditors have not been able to sign off on the accounts? How many billions have gone missing (or probably more to the point which filthy politicians pockets have been on the receiving end of great portions of it)? Is this an organization you want to be a part of? I certainly dont.

The EU was originally set up as a “free trade” area. And the politicians are slowly and slimily driving it towards a single quasi state. The idea of a European state is not an idea I have a problem with, what I do have a problem with is the lack of honesty about it.

[B]The EU needs to reform and make a decision;

It needs to make clear its plans on becoming a state, each country needs to have a referendum on whether or not to join the progress towards a single state, and if they decide to, they need to get on with it. The main problem is it will have to have a single language (certainly of government) and government.

Or if they are not planning on workign towards a single state, or for those country’s that do not want to become part of it;

They need to become a simple free trade area, as it once was, with a simple running committee, and without the meddlesome powers of the current EU.[/B]

Finally Turkey in the EU - No, I dont even want to start on that one.

Hitler was a brilliant man …although some of his ideas were different from what we would call politically correct…He had an agenda…and put it to action…