The era of 3D TVs is upon us

I just posted the article The era of 3D TVs is upon us.

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) may have just kicked off, but there already is a growing buzz surrounding 3D TV – a growing phenomenom with more companies slowly jumping on board, aiming for the…

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How much stuff is really filmed in 3D? Is the R and D and cost of these tv’s going to be worth it? It sounds like a cool idea… but I don’t know how many people who shell out more dough for something that has limited content.

I can just see it. Endless hours of 3D reality TV shows.

“South Korean company LG thinks 3D TV is the “next big thing” once the HD revolution begins to slow down.”

I think we are there LG, I don’t think it could get much slower! Bring on the 3D format(s) and lets see how big they get.

The content will be endless. There is a company called Legend Films who can convert ANY 2D content into 3D beautifully. I have seen their demo. So imagine your favorite movies or tv shows in 3D. I say LOTR and Sopranos

I don’t see the point.

Why the hell would I want to see Hollywart garbage in 3D ? GIGO

It’s the content that matters, imo - not the picture. Sadly, Hollywart will never understand this.

That does it! I absolutely refuse to buy any more big ticket items until I feel safe that my next acquisition won’t be rendered ‘obsolete’ six months down the road. My wallet can’t keep up with the exponential expansion of technology - I love it and I hate it all at the same time!!!