The Equalizer



Watched The Equalizer last night, usually love Denzel’s flicks, this one was over the hill unbelievable, Denzel must have killed 25 guys most by hand, tools, all while completely out numbered. 5/10


Its not the quantity that counts durkinjt but quality…

Take Liam Neeson for example. He easily took (taken :slight_smile: out twice as much bad guys in a good deal of his latest movies (Taken, Taken 2, soon Taken 3 lol, Non-stop and so on)

But he does that with so much flair/style if u know what iam talking about .

Never get enough seeing him in action…

Must say, he sure made an 180° turn in his movie carreer. Schindlers, Rob Roy comes to mind.

Nonetheless, whether it’s action or drama…
The man has many tallents and performs so well as an actor.

But thats just me,