The English Patient SE Disc 2 Won't Copy!

The English Patient Special Edition disc 2 fails consistently at 66% when transcoding and I receive a Clone 1 TCE Error. I have tried several brand new discs with the same result on over 10 computers with the same problem!

Windows XP Pro SP1

Any ideas?


Having rcvd the error prompt, right-click > save the log > mail it to Elby / SlySoft

Yes, please! The address would be bugs(at)

Thank you!

I already sent an email to bugs(at) on July 7th with the attached log but I didn’t receive a response.

Would you like me to resend the email Olli?


AFAIK the bugs(at) team is in holidays at the moment, but they should be back soon. It doesn’t hirt to send it again…

Will do.

I appreciate the prompt response Olli!

Take care,


Will SlySoft be fielding any technical questions regarding CloneDVD?


I think so. Makes a lot of sense, if you purchased both CloneDVD and AnyDVD from them.
But they are not the developer/manufacturer, bugs should be reported to Elaborate Bytes AG.