The end of WinAmp

After more than 15 years of developement ,it comes to an end @ the 20th of december.
WinAmp was one of the most famous mediaplayers in the 90’s and the early 2000’s,but since AOL acquired it,it’s popularity slowly went down.
As there are many alternatives now,I think that the younger generations won’t care,but for some old farts,WinAmp will probably be missed…

I just checked & I’m using version 5.63 .
It seems to be doing everything I use it for.
With a little work it will play almost all A/V files.
I also have DFX 8 that works with WinAmp.

People still use Winamp? IMHO it jumped the shark somewhere in the 2.x range more than 10 years ago.

I’ve used it since ver. 2.? and have yet to find a program that handles my libraries in such a convenient way. All my music (25,000+ tunes) is in just a couple folders. -CLICK- sorted by album…-CLICK- sorted by artist…-CLICK- sorted by song title…All without having to build a whole buttload of folders and sub-folders…:Z

[QUOTE=Stereodude;2709862]People still use Winamp? IMHO it jumped the shark somewhere in the 2.x range more than 10 years ago.[/QUOTE]

Put this way it was a good program and I haven’t seen others competitors come up with a better program then Winamp. It did what it did and was good at it. Kinda (O(&( they are leaving as there will now be a void and those with WinAmp will keep theirs going just like Nero 6 was a excellent program anything after that just was never the same… I for one am keeping all my downloads of WinAmp archive.

This is a sad decision in the face of Free Software - for whatever else, it was as ‘name recognized’ as just about any other commercial product. AND, to feather their cap - “Hey - you outlasted Lotus 1-2-3!” That’s something!

Then, I consider the money-centric promises of Win8’s AppStore promises - “Use us and we’ll make you kajillions of dollars because we have users who are lining up to log into Steve Ballmer’s checking account all the time!”

Yet WinAmp ultimately decides, “No, ain’t gonna happen…” This does NOT bode well for any other ‘app’ vendor, either. This isn’t going to devastate or stop other vendors, I believe, but I bet all of them will seriously ask, “If they couldn’t do it… uh… what chance do WE have?”

And more importantly, “I’m financing a bunch of app-dev projects and if WinAmp didn’t see a good return on their investment, why should I?”

Well, maybe they can misread GoGo like someone else we know, and get their first financing projects kicked out, too!

I don’t use it as a library like olyteddy .
He’s the one that told me WimAmp can convert audio files to other formats.
I have other converters but I have used this feature at times.

There are very few formats it can’t play .
You just need to add the plugins & most are free.
I usually add to the direct show in preferences.
I can play DVD folders the way I have it set up .FLV & .MP4 too.
The way I set the LAV filters up on my OS it usually uses those.

One more software that will transform from reality to nostalgy.

I tried the latest version on the WinAmp site . 5.6.6 .
I would advise against getting that one if you already have a version that is working well for you.
I had version installed.
I decided why not get the last one.
That was a mistake. It didn’t install correctly.
It kept trying to send a bug report every time I tried to open it.
I figured out the cause it was I still had the in_qt.dll in the plug-ins.
When I removed this the bug error stopped.
However several of the input plug-ins were missing in preferences.
The LAV filters were no longer working with WinAmp.
It wouldn’t play a DVD folder.
So I installed the old version back in & I had saved the whole folder from Program Files before I started the new install. After I installed the old version I just copy & pasted that into Program Files & all was back to normal.

I miss ICQ and eDonkey as well.

Used winamp 2.x with my Pizza Hut skin for years until I finally moved to itunes. Winamp did everything I needed it to do until I needed to sync an ipod.

Eh, I like Media Monkey better for listening to music on Windows OS running rigs. I will try to download some useful WinAmp codec plugins though and keep backups.

Such good memories of WinAmp from the days when WMP was still rubbish. A shame its time has come to an end.

I haven’t used Winamp more than a decade i think.

I use 1by1 player for windows machines. It’s only 185 kb!

With the DFX Audio Enhancer WinAmp sounds the best on my OS for music.
I do play some video on it to for the same reason.
This requires a plugin that goes in DFX but this works well.

I haven’t tried any BD videos in WinAmp .
Guess I’ll find me a .m2ts & see if WinAmp can play it.

I also use VLC & MPC-HC & ocassionally WMP or Nero.
I also have some others.

I added M2TS to the Nullsoft DirectShow Decoder v1.08 [in_dshow.dll]
Configuration. This allowed WinAmp to plat the sample trailer I downloaded.
The extension was .m2ts
MediaInfo shows the video as:
Format : AVC
Format/Info : Advanced Video Codec
Format profile : High@L4.1
The Audio as ac3 6 channel.
I’m not sure if that is typical but it was what the two samples I got used.