The end of Piracy?

I just posted the article The end of Piracy ?.

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This article is already some months old, but has just been submitted to us. This promises to be the ultimate anti-piracy tool, but as far as we…

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Well, you know what they say.


Btw I am NOT first! There you heard it all! I am NOT first!

Fuck! But don`t worry some hacker will hack it!!!

CD Freaks rulez !

This guy is talking shit, everything can be debugged.
The program goes into the memory, so it’s values can be read. That reveals pieces of the code, and that can be debugged.

Hey, how would you be if you had programmed a piece of software together that “seems” to be uncrackable? You would say it’s not to be cracked, right? I bet that guy is seeing the $ fly around his head when he is lying in his bed. He hopes no one will crack his software before he has sold it to some major companies. Who wouldn’t dream of an opportunity like that. By the way, it’s like everyone says, it goes into the memory and can be debugged and that means it can be cracked…if he wants it or not… :slight_smile:

One simple way to bypass the protection on already installed programs would be to ghost the partition/drive it resides on.
And if it runs it can be cracked.

anyone giving away first place ???

Be4 u install the program on the pc, why don’t u just make an iso out of it???
So u can distribute it as many times as u want.
No need to crack it that way.
Am i right? Or not?


it’ll never fly. simple because the software won’t belong to you. i would never buy software i couldn’t install on my next computer. anyone who knows it doesn’t belong to you when you buy it, won’t buy it. if this starts to take a big hold over the software corporations out there. i will spend ever penny i have advertising, educating the people that don’t know about this. this type of corporate action will not be allowed in the new order.

anybody knows a prog protected by that protection?
…just curiosity…:slight_smile:

anything can be cracked! that’s all I can say.

hmmm… i’m just a starter never mind about me but how to make iso’s??? I wanna know!!! HOW HOW HOW???

hmz i’m last to reply?
not first i think…

but, there will never be the end of piracy ! I WILL CONTINUE !!!

Ok - Here’s the problem with this thing. You buy the software on a CD therefore you install it from CD. The software cant do fuck all to the cd because a cdrom cannot write to the CD so no matter what this prat says you can just do a fresh install unless of course companies don’t plan to mass sell their product and they are going to tailor make it for each system (yeah right - they’d loose too much cash)
You can always install from a cd because the CD has no way of knowing how many times it’s been installed and it always remains the way it was when you first buy it. The program cant change that damn CD!!!


This is nutter talk - obviously some ten yr old french guy having a laugh. Amusing but complete bollocks… even so…

wouldn’t this constitute as an illegal virus?

there is no way that one nutter is going to own every software company in the world - he aint gettin mine!

The only way this thing could work is those new cd’s coming out that degrade each time they are read by the laser, its supposed to be the next big thing for video rentals, you mail order a rental, watch it and then the DVD/CD whatever is fucked. But I suppose you could copy it first time.

Boy this dick must be talking out of his ass, This protection will die weeks (if not days) after been introdused.

BTW: Think up something less crappy like “The End Of Piracy”, this sound like crap & will be cracked, Piracy will be around forever like rape & murders.