The end of Pioneer in the DVD writer market?



Looks like every new model they produce is worst than the previous one.

When was the last good bruner ? the 1.07 ?

I waited for the 1.10 because I like my 1.07, but after reading all the problems and the specs of the 1.10, I really dont want it anymore.

Will Pioneer do like Yamaha did ?


What negative points of newer Pioneer drives are you referring to?


no need to search, just read almost all the threads about the 1.10 on this forum


This is not quite the kind of reply I was expecting… :confused:

Maybe if I reformulate:

“What negative aspects (in comparison with the 107, as you think it’s the last “good burner”) of Pioneer DVD burners newer than the 107 (108, 109, 110) are you specifically referring to, other than issues about the brand new 110”? :slight_smile:


I am not really a Pioneer fan at all but I compared burns on a few different media done on both the 107 and the 109 and found very little difference.


other then no bitsetting to +R media I have not had any problem with my 107 vs a08 vs my 110D i do know the 110D fw is still in nappies and when they release next one a number of media speed problems will be fixed for example cmc mag M01 8x not 16x and AM3 4x not 16x as well as AE1 speed not at rated. I have been burning verbatim -R 16x mcc03RG20 16x at 16x no problem with very good results as well as cmc E01 at 8x and 12x with good results, the 8x burn looks as good or better then E01 on my a08 or my 107


Perhaps I should remind people what kind of audience post in these forums.

As with most technology forums in the world, most of the people who post here post because they have problems. People who don’t have problems usually don’t bother to post, unless there is a tightly-knit community of regulars who like to show off their latest results regardless of quality.

Look in every forum, and you will see that there are people who have problems with every brand of drive. If you go by the numbers in these forums, you would probably think that every drive is a piece of junk. But that is simply not true. If you look at broader numbers, you will find that the vast vast majority of people do not have serious issues (and yes, this even applies to LiteOn, even to my own surprise).

Pioneer looks especially bad at CDF because you have the people who have problems posting, but unlike forums like BenQ or NEC, you don’t have many people who are enthuiastic enough (or unreasonably obsessed enough) about the drive to go around posting a scan of every other burn that they make, which gives off a false image.

This is a problem common in forums like this, and so I remind you to keep an objective mind, and if you make any claims like this, you should back it up with solid, objective evidence taken from a reasonable sample set.


Thanks Cody 64k :slight_smile: - wise thoughts as always :cool:

That was more or less my goal when first replying in this thread… asking for (some) (reasonably) objective evidence… (well I know that you knew that ;))


I personally think it is too early to judge the dvr-110… It is not even fully released yet… If i’m correct only the dvr-110d is out. We are still waiting for the regular 110 with RAM support and A10. And there hasn’t even been a new firmware released for it. People need to be more patient.

I own a DVR-A09 and I love it. I haven’t had a problem with it yet. I know that I will get good burns so i don’t even quality check them.

@bagbug2 Don’t judge something until you have owned it and fully tested it for yourself…


I sold my 109 as it was a bad drive I had 107 and 108s never had any of the problemsthe 109 did I now use a Benq as my main drive I get bitsetting and better burn quality The 109 would not burn a certain dvd-r at 8 speed even though it was an 8 speed drive the Benq burns it at 8 usually with a 99% disc quality scan the 109 would never burn any+r dvds properly while the 107 and 108 would. Pioneer used to be a top brand but I will never buy another drive from them


same problem you had with my 109, but im not selling it, works for data dvds movies and i really dont give a shit anymore.

but this pioneer 109 over here cannot burn verbatim dvd-r media at full 8x fine,
10 dvds burned,…
8dvds… ok
2dvd… bad burns.

and keeps repeating,always the same, i gotta cross my fingers so it burns ok.
and its brand new legitimate verbatim media for god sake!


My 109 and 716 are very nice burners. New 1640 on the way!


I am just unimpressed that the major flaw of burning 16x media on the 109 has not been fixed and to make it worse the 110 is exhibiting the exact same issue warranting a no buy from me.


I’ve been burning quite hapilly with my 110-D for 3-weeks now. There have been many similar experiences from forum members posted here.
Many like badbug2 just hear what they want to hear.


I don’t have a 110 (holding out for the drive that can write DVD-RAM and not just read it), but my 109 works fine and almost always has (I say almost because the early firmware for the drive was pretty bad, but the latest firmware(s) have fixed a lot of my issues).


“the 110 is exhibiting the exact same issue”

Mmmh… I’ve only read a single report about a “lead out” issue with the 110. Not enough to jump to conclusions. Are there more reports?

“but this pioneer 109 over here cannot burn verbatim dvd-r media at full 8x fine,
10 dvds burned,…
8dvds… ok
2dvd… bad burns.”

I’ve burnt 100 (4 25-spindles) Verbatims 8X (MCC 02RG20) on my own 109, @8X, with consistent and very good results. Not a single “bad burn” here. :disagree:


One report is ALL I need. Go find the other thread regarding this issue with the 109? Who started it? Oh it was me. Notice how no one came forward before I did yet the drive was out for quite some time that the problem should have been noticed by others. When I started the thread I felt I was the only one as I heard nothing prior. That thread now has pages of people with the same problem. With the 110 being as early as it is in release one person is enough to make me cringe as the problem he speeks of is felt first hand with me. Pioneer did nothing on the 109 to fix this and already the 110 if anything has signs of showing the same problem. Who cares about +R writability improvement, lets make the drive work as should and advertised as a 16x burner when using 16x media. I am tried of buying 8x media and overburning it to 12x max on the last two models of their burners.


Oh my! You are just so…cantankerous! Last I heard there were lots of other DVD Drive manufacturers out there. Buy one. There are many good products out there for around $50 or so.
Or do you just like bad-mouthing Pioneer?


I love Pioneer DVD burners. I’ve had the 106, 108, 109 and soon will probably get the 110. They’ve all been solid performers for me, but I do have two DVD burners now, the BenQ DW1640 and the Pioneer DVR-109. The reason for having the BenQ is due to its scanning capabilities, something I feel Pioneer should add, then I would probably just stick with Pioneer and not require a secondary unit, but DVD burners are so cheap these days, it doesn’t really matter.


Just shows you and I are very different. Even from a reputable, reliable source (which is not the case with this report of a 110 about what looks like the CAV “lead out” problem), just ONE report isn’t enough for me, EVER. Or I would believe in newspaper’s horoscops (hey I don’t imply you do :cool: ).

Nothing can be considered as true just because one person claims it is, specially on forums. It may or may not be true, I don’t know, wait and see. :slight_smile: