The end of 3DFX

I just posted the article The end of 3DFX.

Today it’s officially the end of 3DFX. They’ve sold all of their assets to Nvidia…

Following the sale, 3dfx is effectively a dead company. Just three years ago, the company was at a…

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…and the customers will mostly definately be hurt by this (at least in the pocket book). :frowning: Without the competition from other leading Gfx companies, the Gforce3 will remain high - just look at the Gforce2 GTS and Ultra: their both still priced high even over a year since they materialized. I seriously doubt both ATi or Matrox (is KRYO really a factor yet?) will up for the powerhouse that was 3DFX in its hayday. Imagine if you will if AMD did not currently pose a threat to Intel’s sales - the P3/4 lines would still be grossly inflated. Competition can only be a good thing for the consumer.

It’s too bad to see them leave. They’ve always had better cards than nVidia and not as much troubles with their software. I also hope ATI or Kyro will bring us the same highstanding cards as 3dfx used to. greetz

yep, its a shame indeed :frowning: but ati will surely survive…dont forget…ati has the biggest part of the market !! (35% or more) and nvidia has only 10% or so…so dont panic:)

I’ve seen some reviews on the Kyro II and it’s quite amazing what an 15 million transistors chip at 175mhz can do.

Screw them both!! :slight_smile: Matrox all the way!! If your a heavy gamer then maybe it’s not for you but it’s great for me when I do some gaming, a lot of graphics work, loads of divx’s etc. Damn nice all rounder, especially with Dual head. Plus - they’re always releasing updated drivers and their support is excellent!!

Nila, don’t try to release a Flame-war please. The 3 major companies (NVidia, Ati & Matrox) all have there cons and pros. Indeed, Matrox is very good at 2D and many other things. But NVidia is winning the war when it comes to game performance. I remember that Unreal Tournament was so fast on my Voodoo3 while my friends with a GeForce had a lot of problems. This is now gone and NVidia caries the torch now. Hope they can do what 3dfx has done for us a few years back. Now I’ve got to get rid of my Voodoo3 just to be able to play Tribes2 :c Sad to see such a great company go away because of to high ambitions.

Yeah, its good to see this kind of news on this site even if it aint 100% burn related.

:d I used to have a voodoo 5500 6 month ago till it died.Now i got the Elsa GF 2 Ultra and this is not even compared to the voodoo 5500.Its a shame though that 3dfx closed as i could play with my voodoo all my games(compatibility+support).

I hope the 3dfx-spirit, will live on, into another company like ATi or Matrox. VoodooPowers!!!

ATI is still number 1 card producer. Even if NVidia is number one in 3D, ATI still sells more… we’ll see.

Still on my v3 2000 hehehe good card but had have his best time… In my new pc will be a gf2 or gf3 for sure :slight_smile:

Just think of this way, with Nvidia has the rights to the 3dfx technology, they will be able to write Geforce GLIDE drivers :slight_smile: woo hoo

Perhaps you’re gonna be suprised but i allways have 2 voodoo 2 linked in SLI, i use them when i have problems with my geforce2 mx (strike force, n64 emu and many others in the past)

I strongly suggest that everyone email nVidia and ask them to be nice to their customers and keep their prices affordable. This may do absolutely something to persuade them but it can’t hurt. The email address is If you are unsure what to write, here is my email: Dear NVIDIA, Your takeover of most of 3dfx’s assets eliminates a major part of your competition in the 3d graphics card market. This gives you, as a company, a major freedom in what to charge customers for your products. You could easily abuse this new freedom, as we have seen with other companies such as Microsoft, which is simply human nature. The reason I am writing this email is to make a small request: Please treat your customers kindly. I like your products very much and I am currently using one of your cards, and I will continue to buy them just as long as I can afford them. If you start overcharging for cards I will take my business elsewhere. I would strongly recommend that you to take this request seriously because customers are what drive your business and keeping them happy is something so invaluable that you simply cannot put a price on it. I am confident that I speak for more people than my self. Sincerely, a loyal customer, your name P.S. If this is not the appropriate email address for this email, would you be so kind to redirect it to the more appropriate one. :stuck_out_tongue:

I had 2 Voodoo2 8MB cards linked together and they were fast but old… Now I got the Elsa Geforce2 GTS 32MB DDR and this card flies… Now that they bought out 3DFX Im expecting the best from both worlds…

I still have my VooDoo3 3000 card and it rocks! I just hope Nvidia will impliment the technologies 3Dfx was renowned for. As well as lower their prices.

I have a Voodoo2 12MB Card in my computer. If my computer just were faster, and had a AGP slot, I´d have wet dreams about the GeForce3 Card… A friend have a GeForce2 Ultra. That card really kicks ass!

YEAH! I want glides on my NVidia too, so that I can play UltraHLE without software drivers. :wink:

I had a Riva 128 (4MB!) and I upgraded to a Banshee. Most people I know still use these old cards because they work with most games and they can’t afford to replace them. :wink: