The end of 120 min CDs

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Already months ago we reported about 120min CDs. Today ‘HOMOPAARD’ used our newssubmit to tell us these CDs are history. The creator of these discs had only just announced these discs during the…

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Like I said before. They are way too late to put this new type of CD out.

Are these 120 minute CD’s the same as Sony’s DD-CD?

I don’t think so. It was a new format the came out with a few months ago. they made the gaps closer together on the cd and sqeezed 1.2 gigs of data on it. The only and main problem is the only they’re CD-Reader could read it. No ordinary cd-rom or cd recorder good use the disc. So it got shit canned because I don’t think anyone is going to buy a new CD-Rom and recorder just to use they’re 120min cdr’s and not be able to share the data on the cd with another PC with an normal cd-rom. If this would have hit the shits before DVD-R then maybe it would have catched everyone attention.

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