The eminem show

who likes ‘the eminem show’ ??

im a big fan of eminem, but this albulm is taking a while to grow on me…something is missing ?

He’s a bit more toned down isn’t he? Trying to avoid lawsuits I guess. Thats whats missing, the “I don’t care” attitude in the previous 2 albums. Still good album though.

something is missing ?

Good Songs?

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Good Songs?

hehe :slight_smile: but hey, it’s just no my style

i thoght this album wasn’t too great also. i thought the pre-released track was the best of the lot!

Great album only white america is a track i dont like the rest are all good tracks.

Havent listened to it yet, so I dont have an opinion on it yet.

I guess I wouldnt want more suits.