The EMCA Standard for UMD discs



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UMD Discs


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Standard ECMA-365
Data Interchange on 60 mm Read-Only ODC - Capacity: 1,8 Gbytes (UMDTM)

(June 2005)

This Ecma Standard specifies the mechanical, physical and optical characteristics of a 60 mm, read-only ODC having a maximum capacity of 1,8 Gbytes. It specifies the physical format, the quality of the recorded signals, the format of the data and its modulation method, thereby allowing for information interchange by means of such ODCs.

This Ecma standard specifies two types of ODCs, Type A and Type B.

Type A: Single layer disk with maximum recorded capacity of 0,9 G-bytes

Type B: Dual layer disk with maximum recorded capacity of 1,8 G-bytes
Information interchange between systems also requires, at a minimum, agreement between the interchange parties upon the interchange code(s) and the specifications of the structure and labeling of the information on the interchanged ODCs.


perhaps this might lead us to p-rate UMD? took a look at it, seems rather ordinary and like that of the ECMA for DVD’s


I suppose it would be possible to make a pc reader out of a dvd drive, but writing to them? The size difference is also a problem, they would have to be cut to fit in the psp. Even if you could write them, you would still have the problem of the psp reading them. Unless you ran them with the cover off.


manufacture small discs, and cartridge. then burn and put it back into the cartridge? somday it mite happen


Unless they are cheap to make, most people will rather use CF or SD or MMC. 512MB RS-MMC (smaller than most coins) now costs just about US$30.


Team Xecuter is working on an adaptor to hook up to the Memory Stick port to interface other flash memory and usb devices.