The ELSPA Crime Unit

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First let us tell you what ELSPA is… “The ELSPA Crime Unit was established in 1994 to safeguard the intellectual property rights of members’ products.” So a kind of BSA…

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i love those guys… im gonna buy me a suite…wear nice clothes wash my car… and im gonna deliver my cd’s by everyone at home…
and i make my psx copy’s on black cd off course

Wou! They are stupid peoples how can regonised copyes from the original! Juhani Smells! Vitun pilkun nussia turha russuttaa kirjotus virheisté…é…é…é…é…é…é…é…é…é…é…é…é…é…é…!

I mean CAN`T! Juhani Smells

These guys are obviously getting ripped. I cant believe drug lords are paying so much for their CD’s. 40p. I mean what is the world coming too. Poor old non drug lord me is getting my blank Traxdata CD’s for 22p for the last lot I bought.
Someone needs to give these drug lords some shopping tips.

yeah, i think this is crap but you want to be wary that some of it will rub off.

we should establish some kind of ‘king’ pirated symbol meaning that none of the money made from this purchase of excellent value goes towards drug barons, child pornographers etc, and that all they are paying for is the disk and a few quid in the pocket of an honest guy.

pirates need a respectable branding, we are not child pornographers, axe murderers (in reality, Soldier Of Fortune accepted). we need a symbol to be used by reputable pirates that guarantees

a good working copy - guaranteed replacement if it does not work.

a good price, no huge profits goint to the pirater.

the pirater is no drug baron etc.

I am totally against people who sell games in large quantities and makes lots of money. However copying for yourself is perfectly ok in my views.

ELSPA have even admitted they cant do anything to stop people copying games for themselves!

If what they say is true, than they must be a lot of people out there, With a syringe sticking out of their arm, Trying to sell you their sister.
This is propaganda at its worst,
So they found one guy ,How stupid Does that mean because
One copper is bent they all are
Or one politicion is a lying they are all liars…
Oh sorry scrap the last one thats a bad example…lol