The Elder Scrolls 4 Oblivion

Does anyone know what the protection is on this tittle, this game looks very good.

I keep reading SecuROM 7, but I’d like to know as well.

Alcohol sure doesn’t seem to like it, neither does Blindwrite.

Game Has No Protection Just Checks for Physical DVD thats all

can you make a mountable image of this dvd

Sure it has no copy protection !

Only a file/CD-Check, so if you make an image an do not edit any file ( why should someone do this !?!?) it should work !


How would you go about making it run off of an image?

Make an Image with Alcohol, Blindwrite or CloneCd what erver you prefer
and run this Image from the virtual drive fom Alcohol or Deamon-tools.

Thats all in general it should work, as mentioned it has no copyprotection and so
it should not have any virtual drive blacklisting, only a cdcheck.


  1. .exe has 031a9353cd1fd3590992411df71adb77 md5 hash.
  2. 0000D2CF: E9 61 01 00 00
  3. New .exe hash will be c5f81097828b84e223314e81ae303f07.
    five byte patch can save up to 4.5GB of free space on HDD.