The effect of Plextor PX-755's new AutoStrategy on fakes!

YSS tested one of these fakes of DVD-R 8x “Ritek-G05”
sold in Japan (they are the ones you are talking about in the news)
with several burners: Pioneer A10-J, NEC 4551, LG 4167B, LITE-ON SHM-165P6S, BenQ DW1640 …

With the Plextor PX-755 (firmware 1.01)
and 2 different settings of it’s new AutoStrategy
The difference between AS OFF & AS ON (forced) is quite significant !

Note: this is no “pub” from me for fakes
but only a contribution in case we have some questionable blanks left somewhere or variations among batches of “good” MID codes

Lookin interesting, yes maybe useful for variation in quality. I’d like to test with one of my bad Yuden batch, but i’m still waiting for the 760.

glad to see the pioneer drive can handle them :wink: :eek:

Plextor PX-755 / firmware 1.01 / AS ON (forced)

Pioneer DVR-A10-J : retail “box” drive, Made in Japan
firmware 1.39
(very last one, published 26 January 2006)

My question is:
Does the Pioneer 110 with latest firmware 1.39
handle better the legit Ritek-G05 or the fake one ?
or maybe are the results similar ?

Lookin for me similar, but it could be both.

But the PI/PO test from two other drives (712U and 716UFL) don’t look very good.

Yes you are right
So anyway this means: avoid fakes even if you have the new AS

I would like to know if the disc can be played in a standalone DVD player without freezing (in case of burning a video)

The PI/PO tests of the fake burned with the Pioneer A10 fw 1.39 look even a bit better.
I wonder why this Pioneer A10 has a write strategy for Ritek-G05 that is able to more or less burn fakes ?