The effect of Anonymous on Wikileaks, Tunisia & the world

The effect of Anonymous on Wikileaks, Tunisia & the world.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Anyone who is a loyal reader of MyCE news knows that Anonymous has played a pivotal role in rallying individuals all over the world to join in the fight against government oppression and censorship with the WikiLeaks scandal, the revolution in Tunisia, and in earlier Operation Payback missions. Though mainstream press coverage of the groups influence has been sparse after Wikileaks-related DDoS attacks died down, Reuters put out an article this week highlighting the group’s activities and how they have affected these world events.

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Thousands of Anons from around the world took it upon themselves to fight for the people of Tunisia and even discouraged locals from taking part due to the danger of government persecution.
Anon is smarter than i thought. :slight_smile: This gives me some hope for the future of mankind.

We’ll also hear about them when they are all arrested for the crooks that they are! Wikileaks is doing no good and putting people’s lives in danger. The hypocrite Assange loves to expose the world’s secrets but when his own dark secrets come to light he’s a very angry man. I hope he rots in jail.
Anon do some good here and there but also behave in a criminal fashion. They have no good sense to align with or support Wikileaks.

I beg to differ ivid. Wikileaks is forcing many governments to be transparent about their policies and practices. For the most part this is a good thing, unless you watch Fox news.
However as they say on Family Guy, even true things, once said on Fox News, become lies.