The Earthquakes

Have the Manchester Earthquakes been reported in europe + across the world?

We have had about 12 earthquakes, 4-2 on the richterscale, in 48 hours :frowning:

It seems like some rumbling for a bigger one… i hope not.

Any siezemologists/geographists here? - does anyone know if a large quake (5+ on the R. scale) proceeds lots of smaller ones??

There is no way to know for certain, but quite often smaller tremors do precede a large quake, but as I say it’s not a certainty.

Often, before a big quake, many small ones occur. And there are ofcourse afthershocks what can be pretty intense as well.

In 1991, we had an eartquake of 5,9 on the Richter scale. After that one, we had a couple of other small ones…

Since about 2 year, there’s been a new place where lots of quakes occur. We’ve had more than 100 in 2 years time. The heaviest was 3,9. Not really haevy, but still frightning for many…

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In 1991, we had an eartquake of 5,9 on the Richter scale. After that one, we had a couple of other small ones…

[ur location = Sin City]

Not heard anything about any Manchester earthquake here…
The biggest quake we’ve ever had was 4.6, the year was 1985.
There will never (never as in a long time) be any quake above 5.0 on the scale here because of the the Archaean rock we happen to live on :slight_smile:

not long ago there was a 4.1 quake near Birmingham, but we are not used to extereme nature either

Well my country is quite siezemogenic (tectonic plates meet right beneth) but all we can do is come in terms with nature.

A 2 years ago there was a 6,9 earthquake in Athens and around 50 ppl died. There is a specific pattern scientists follow to determine whether an earthquake is a presiezesm (greek word :wink: ) the main thing or an aftershock. It has to do with the intensity of the specific earhtquake and the ones preceding and following it. Cant really say whether the earthquakes you described are the main event, sorry :wink:

You’d better stay outdoors for a few days :bigsmile:

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Herkenbosch, a little village nearby Roermond, a little city in the south of the Netherlands…

about 50km from my home…

There was an earthquake 5 or 6 months ago here in New York. It was pretty weak but it was “powerful” enough and rare enough to be mentioned on the 10 o’clock news ( at 10:50) :wink: