The DVD player on my PC does not recognise Titan Quest DVD (original)

Hi guys/gals,

I am desperately trying to get a game working that i bought for my little brother for his birthday… the game, Titan Quest, comes on a DVD, however, the DVD player on my PC does not recognise it and claims my DVD is blank. However on other PC’s the DVD works fine. It is an original and i contacted the technical support, who said that some drives might not read the DVD properly because of the copy protection software… So basically i am left with a £35 game that i cant return, a blubbering brother and wondering what i can do about it…

I contacted the DVDRW manifacturers and they cant help, i contacted my PC manifacture and they can help!!! Can anyone help! my dvd drive is a Lite-on SHW-160H6S and i believe i have the latest firmware (CP91)

Please please help!


Try AnyDVD to remove the protection from the game and see if that helps,
so you can play it

If that does not work, try another DVD-ROM reader 'cause liteons are not that good.

i’ve never heard of anydvd bypassing a game before, different types of protection

get back onto the technical support, thats a poor excuse for there games not installing, inform them that the game is unplayable and your PC meets there requirements and it’s now there problem to sort out the copy protection problem out.

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Absolutely agree…Liteons are superb readers and a 160H6S is certainly up to the task…kind of bizarre… :confused: At least you should be able to exchange the disc (probably thru the retailer) and rule that out anyway.

If you have any references to show that either of these pieces of advice is correct, and thus worth following, then please point us to it.

AnyDVD is for DVD-Video, not games. I am also of the strong impression that LiteOn drives are very good readers.

I disagree, DVD-ROM LiteONs have giving me nothin’ but problems. Brand new in a box product failed me in giving me the CRC Error again and again copying some DVDs. I then tried LG DVD-ROM thank god for that switch. I have so far experienced no more CRC Errors. Highly recommended name brand. :slight_smile:

Well, it’s too bad that you had a bad experience with your litey, but your specific experience doesn’t correlate with the general ppl. I don’t presume to speak for imkidd57, but I believe that was one of his points. I have 5 liteons and a new benq 1655…love them all and all still going strong.

thanks for the advice people!!! the software company wont replace the game because on 99.99% of drives it works (it works on my old DVD drive! which is four years old) so i think the only solution is to whack that one in, but i was amazed by the lack of support… lite on were crap with their support, HP had no idea and asked me if i thought it was something to do with my screen resolution… well if anyone comes up with an idea, let me know… meanwhile, to change the thread slightly, what DVDRW should i buy to replace the lite on one???

Single case report isn’t enough to support your generalisation about LiteOn as a brand, unfortunate experience though it is. You are also talking about DVD-ROM, whereas the model in question is a DVD rewriter.

Meanwhile we await the evidence about AnyDVD copying games.

am trying anydvd now… will report back

it doesnt work

as said in post 3

but it is the best program for what it’s meant to do, bypass the copy protection on a dvd movie :iagree: , along with clonedvd2 :cool:

try taking back your disc to where you bought it from and say it doesn’t work, don’t tell them about the drive problem, play dumb, and you’d like to exchange it for another one.

if you are replacing the drive, look out for BenQ 1650/1655, pioneer 111 not sure about any more.