The Dumbest thing I've ever heard

My workmate (who has supposedly done an IT course) comes into work and says his CD ROM is stuffed. Upon inquiring about the problem, he tells me he bought a book about photoshop 7 with a CD in the back. He got the book home and finds that there is a piece broken off the CD. SO what does he do ? he sticky taped the broken CD back together and upon spinning up it exploded into a heap of pieces haw haw haw… I was pissing myself when he was telling the story. I got him to bring the drive in the next day and after dismantling it and removing all the broken bits of disc (one was actually embedded in the tray mechanism) the drive turned out to be fine. Just goes to show that some people manage to survive in this world without a hint of common sense.


One of the first things you learn when you’re studying to be a software engineer: the most stupid thing in the world is a computer user!

Oh, no, please don’t speak about dumn ppl on pc’s… Believe me, I know many of them and they’re not funny at all. :frowning: They can turn your stomach upside down in an instance… :Z

“Please step away from that computer, and call me to minimize the damage to the computer and further damage to your already pulverized brain.”

No really, that’s why we have forums, to you know, help the unfortunately. Fortunately, most people listen. But there’s always on in the crowd that will do it their way no matter what suggestion they get from experienced people and keep on being stupid.

The whole CD Freaks forum exists of them :slight_smile:

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The whole CD Freaks forum exists of them :slight_smile:

don’t confuse stupid with not-knowing-everything

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don’t confuse stupid with not-knowing-everything

You’re right here are only stupid people :bigsmile:

I had a user at a place I worked for managed to get a floppy disc lost inside the cd-rom drive. How in the hell she did that, I have no idea. But there are tons of people who have no idea. I have also seen kids that pour their juice in the holes where the power supply is. I have seen pc’s that looked like someone used them for a ashtray. I have also encountered a customer that somehow managed to draw up a conclusion that her husband was cheating on her, She found a bunch of files, and thought that they were encrypted love letters. Turns out they were files that Microsoft Excel needed to run properly.

Some people just dont have a clue.

She found a bunch of files, and thought that they were encrypted love letters. Turns out they were files that Microsoft Excel needed to run properly.

Strange what jealousy can make you think sometimes …

I guess you all know the story of the cup-holder-tray?

No? Let me tell you :wink:

One day a guy called a helpdesk complaining his cup holder tray broke from his computer. Cup holder tray? Yes… he described it… had been using his cdrom for this :wink:

Some very funny stories at
The things some people do are amazing

Working in a PC shop is a classic.

The number of IT managers which have no idea about ANYTHING technical, the overwhelming numbers of Network administrators that couldn’t configure a Windows PC to work using basic TCP/IP networking, and couldn’t install RAM/NC/HD to save their lives.

Everything that happens in Dilbert cartoons is all true! All of it!

After a while the 2nd most common question “Is it easy to install” creeps into your mind and drives you crazy, and after awhile, you get an irresistable urge to reply “It depends on how dumb you are sir!”

Pebkac indeed.
It goes much, much further! Often extending down the hall to the technical experts/Network admins chair as well!

I think PC users should need a computer literacy license to drive a PC. They are putting the rest of the world at risk by being exposed to, contracting , and hence propagating viruses, and clogging networks with bogus traffic! :Z

Viva La PC resistence!
We demand freedom from criminal stupidity on PC!

All of this is almost nothing compared to the stupidities my friends and I commit in our high-school’s computer lab. It is really funny to stuff sticky notes into CD-Rom drives. People open the CD-Rom drivves and get a surprise every time :slight_smile:

Also, sometimes the paper can crumple up and get stuck inside the CD-Rom. Then the teachers post a note on the monitor “CD drive does not work”. We go back and fix it, leaving a note in the CD-Rom drive, “CD-Drive works.”

Also, printers can be fun and shoving crap in the floppy drive is cool. Man, those were the good old days…

I remember when me and my friends screwed around with the drives. Puting skittles into the drive and opening and closing it really fast as weel as putting the paper cover for cd spindles into one of them to see it spin. Eventually the cd drive caught fire and we were suspended. Moral of story: Dont light cdroms on fire.