The Duke


Congrats on CD Freaks, the site just keeps getting better and better.

Mind if I ask you a few questions? :wink:

How does CD Freaks work? Do you use PHP and MySQL to store all the data? I’m planning on creating a site (not warez related) using PHP and MySQL, but I’m having a hard time finding info on the language and the database.

How did you find out, how long did it take you to learn, and how long did this site take to create ???!??

Cheers, and keep up the good work.



php & mysql are great…
i just started reading tutorials and stuff
you first need to install a webserver (apache, xitami, pws, iis, etc…) and then you need to install and configure (sometimes tricky) php ( for the files you need…) and mysql (

then i started reading some tutorials
you can find some links on

then you just start creating some things…
to use mysql you also need to understand a few things about relational databases or you will get a hard time…

php/mysql is quite easy and you will see your first results real soon, but there’s so much to learn that you can keep learning and experimenting.

creating ‘big’ sites like cdfreaks takes a little longer and you first need to have some experience to start thinking about such projects…