The DRUA sony recall bad batch Pioneer owners read too thanks

HI all i`m interested in a dvd writer

Now the only 2 i am interested in is the sony DRU-500A and pioneer A05

I wanted the sony more than the pioneer as everyone on here seems to think thay are the better drive.

I have phoned all computer shops and thay say that the drives are very poor and that thay have had many problems with them and that thay have been recalled back to sony because thay have been burning out, and had many returns from people and that thay are not very reliable.

All shops recomend the pionner drive as thay had no problems with them
but thay also did not have them becasue of many people buying them.

SO the question is is it worth getting a sony have you herd this is it true ???

also what is the U-diffrence between the sony DRU-500A and the sony DRU-500AX which has an x at the end which drive is better ??? and why

please can you help as i`m interested in one soon thanks

DRU500UL = external

DRU500A + latest firmware = DRU500AX got it?
Worth to buy, but LG is GREAT multi format supported!

I’ve had the Sony since last November and updated the firmware twice; there is no problem with the drive whatsoever, even with the cheaper media.
I’m told that there was a recall of early drives still held in retailers, purely for the firmware to be updated allowing it to write DVD-R at 4x to compete with the imminent release of the pioneer AO5. For users like me the firmware version 1.0e was released to make the drive write DVD-R at 4X.
The only difference between the A and AX is that the A was supplied as 2X DVD-R and AX 4X.

If you want the versatility and safety of having both DVD-R/RW and DVD+R/RW then this is the drive for you. If you don’t need this then probably the A05 is the one to buy, purely for cost and the fact that it appears to be easier to get (think Sony under estimated the demand for its drive)


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