The drives are driving me crazy



Hello to everybody. This is my problem :

I have two optical drives (player - writer). To backup up my pc games i use ClonyXXL, alcoholer and Alcohol 120% (full version).
When i open clony the program starts with my Dvd player detected (E:PIONEER…) and i change manually to my writer (F:ASUS…) where i have the original CD inserted. I scan the cd then open the alcoholer selecting the copy protection that clony detected and then i open Alcohol from the alcoholer. Here is the strange part of the story. Alcohol starts withe my dvd player detected (E:PIONEER…) and all of the options enabled (not selected):
Skip reading errors
Fast skip error blocks…
Advanced settings…
Read sub channel…
Data Position…
and with the Datatype option present where i select alcoholer.
When i select the drive that i have the cd inserted (ASUS) all the Alcohol options are disabled (except Skip reading errors). I have no option to select the datatype (profile) as well.
When i insert the cd to my Pionneer i have the same problem but i have all the options enabled for my Asus that i don’t need.
It happens like this even when i open Alcohol without clony and alcoholer and i browse directly to the created image. The strange thing that all the backups are succesfull. Can somebody explaine me what happens please?

                                                               Thank you