*THE* drive to buy right now?

I’m going to purchase one tommorow sick of holding on, it’ll be primarily used for DVD movie & PS2 backups as well as data storage, had my eye on the NEC 3500 stuff for a few weeks now, but one important thing to me is being able to produce 1:1 DVD movie backups without compression (dual layer), what drive suits me best?

i’ll probably do compressed dvdshrink backups at first since dual layer media is so expensive, but i just want the best all around drive, on newegg even the MOST expensive drives are still around $140 so i don’t think price matters at this point.


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Buy an external HDD that can play dual layer DVD, single layer DVD, DivX, MP3, MPEG-4, and whatever you want. The one I bought this week can’t cost more than US$140 in the US market. It costs less than PX-712SA. 40GB space. It weighs just as much as my LP3500 LG mobile phone. Smaller than most PDA.

i’m keeping this out of the other thread because at this point in time i need to know which drive covers ALL of the bases or if i should continue to wait

I don’t see why that means you can’t ask in that other thread. There is no “ultimate” drive that can do everything.

(and ANY drive capable of writing +R DL can do 1:1 movie backups without any compression)

I still think an HDD can do everything. :iagree:


Everyone wants to be answered individually and everyone has special and custom needs. However, creating an independent thread when the same subject has already beel discussed makes many people less likely to contribute further. Perhaps it will be justified if you ask like this: “will there be a DVD burner that automatically swaps blank disks inside the drive to burn 300 DVD disks successively?”

I just don’t want to be disappointed that’s all, i’m still leaning heavily on the NEC 3500, what speed does it do DL+ though? newegg specifies the other DL drives for their DL speed but not the NEC

an external hd solution doesn’t help me much either, i already have a HD in my PS2 and i want to be able to bring “backed up” movies over to people’s houses and simply insert them in their dvd players

If you want DL, buy HDDs.

I’m sorry to tell you this one more time. Use the sticky thread, or someone will close this thread. :slight_smile:

PS. 4x DL is offered in ND-3500A, DW1620, DVR-A08, GSA-4163B, SD-R5372, and so on.

I ordered a pack of 50 ritek -8x dvds and a beige 3500, we’ll see what happens