The drive, the media or ImgBurn causing poor quality DVD video?



Since I upgraded my DVD-Writer to a Samsung B083L, I’ve been using it to make some bog standard DVD videos. Mostly just TV programs. However when playing them on my DVD player hooked up to the TV they’re a bit didgy. The sound skips and cuts out at regular intervals, more often than not when there’s a louad sound on the program (like an explosion for example, but that might just be a coincidence).

Using ImgBurn with the default settings, I’ve tried burning at the slowest rate possible with the media I’ve been using and it only seemed to make a tiny difference, not enough for it be acceptable though. It isn’t the encoded video either, I used DVD Flick to make the DVD Video and I played the result on VLC and it was flawless, so that isn’t the problem.

At first, I used Memorex DVD+RW discs (4.7GB). Though upon researching the problem I found many people saying Memorex are actually rather shite. So, I got some Imation DVD-R discs I had and used them instead. Although using the Imation discs reduced the problem a lot it didn’t eliminate it and the problem is still bad enough to be unacceptable.

I’m not totally sure though if that is indicative that it is the media that’s the problem though or if the drive simply likes burning to Imation more than the Memorex. The drive has the latest firmware in any case. I’m also using a separate up-to-date install of ImgBurn (not the one that comes with DVD Flick as that tends to be outdated).

Any ideas?


Hi and Welcome!

from your description, this looks like a media related issue. I wouldn’t rate Imation high either, but I’d expect them to work.

In ImgBurn, you need to manually adjust the write speed to fit the shown list of supported speeds:
(well, the 24x setting is wrong here, but I guess you got the point)
Instead of selecting the lowest speed supported, I’d also try a notch higher - 8x or 12x is often better for 16x rated media than 4x.



You have already answered your own question when saying you used [B]Memorex [/B]and
[B]Imation[/B] disc’s. :Z :doh: If you will go out and buy yourself some Verbatim +R or -R
disc’s then you will see a big difference in the playback. :iagree:


I’ll try some Verbatim media then. Just as long as the drive isn’t a dud, that’s what I was worried about mostly! Thanks for the replies.


Memorex media is iffy at best and terrible at worst, plus RW discs can be a problem too, not as reliable as + or -R media. Get a hold of some TY media (now called JVC but ID as TY) or Verbatim. I would not waste my money on anything else. More than likely the media is the problem and it’s the cheapest thing to try and eliminate as the problem. Imgburn is generally recognized as the best burning software out, so I doubt that’s the problem. Good luck. Burn at 8x or 12x for best combo of quality and speed, slower is not necessarily better.