The Dreaded SecuRom 4.8x



I have been trying to copy Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 for a full day now. I read the thread on how to do this using Blindwrite’s BWA Builder and CloneCD. It installs all the way to the end, then lock up every time - another coaster.

I tried downloading a “perfect looking” BWA from here for RCT2, but that failed also. I then tried the suggestions from here on creating a perfect BWA, by going to Win98 and having everything shut down, and using the Patin Couffin CD drivers from BlindWrite. One suggestion was to boot into Safe Mode, but that disables the CD drives. Anyway, my self-created BWA files were spiky.

I noticed that the method describes says to use the regular CloneCD Game CD for both the ccd image file, and for the final bur of the patched.ccd image from TwinPeak. This I do not understand - why not use the Securom > v4.77.00.0029 settings, or at least use SecuRom settings? Actually, when I use Profiler 1.2 it refuses to launch CloneCD with that setting - it says “That construct with CloneCD is not possible.”

Alcoholer does launch CloneCD with that setting.

Any ideas on how to make a working backup of this CD ??

Here are the steps I took:

  1. create BWA file from BlindWrite’s BWA Builder
    or download from:
  2. create ccd image file from CD with Clone CD, using the default Game CD settings. It will create 3 files with the extensions ccd, img, and sub. The data is stored in the img file - ccd is just a small stub file.
  3. run TwinPeak, select the two files and create “patched.ccd” - this overwrites the CloneCD created ccd file !!! you’ll have three new files in the same folder where you saved the original image files:
  4. use CloneCD to burn the copy from the image file “patched.ccd”, using default Game CD profile


I would do everything the same as you have done, except I would use a SecuROM profile. As I have a Lite-On DVD-ROM I use the ‘New SecuROM New Lite-On’ profile or whatever it is called [the one with regenerate data sectors ticked] . If you have a different drive you may get away with just a SecuROM new profile.

I don’t know what version of the BWA Builder you have, but I find that the version that comes with 4.2.8 works well for me. It seems to give the best results with my Lite-On burner at max speed. Someone [got a feeling it was FutureProof] said that BWA Builder was optimized for a Lite-On at max speed, and my experience would agree with that.

Hope this helps, if not, then I don’t know what else to suggest


I suggest you get alcohol, securerom 4.8 is easy