The downfall of the CD continues - Sony is considering closing its distribution center in the UK

Sony has announced that it is considering closing its UK-based cd and blu-ray distribution center in Enfield. Sony DADC has been in Enfield since the early 1980s and is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of CDs, DVDs, umd and bluray discs.

The reason for the possible closure is the change in consumer habits, ie, in practice, the switch-over of users to streaming services. The closure decision is not yet certain, as Sony is still investigating the potential impact of the decision.

In the fire of the warehouse in 2011, as much as a quarter of all UK home entertainment boards were destroyed. It is now threatened by the final closure. However, Sony does not stop DADC’s operations in Europe as Austria, the Czech Republic and Spain continue to operate at least for the time being.

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Sony currently being “one of the world’s largest manufacturers of CDs, DVDs, umd and bluray discs” is I think an overstatement. As far as I know and someone correct me if I am wrong, Sony outsourced its media production to MBI and Ritek (others too?) for years. If I wanted to buy MBI or Ritek I would buy these discs directly and not gamble with the overpriced Sony ones, but I always avoided both like the plague.

The statement is correct - for pressed media though.

And we are in the Blank Media forum.


Daxon and Lead Data also produced for Sony

I’m STILL waiting for the Commercial Made Non-Scratchable DVD’s that ALL the DVD makers promised to have available, back in the Early Years of making CD & DVD’s. Have you ever tried to play a Public Library Copy of a Movie ?
My Player ( a Sony ) will stall a couple times at the very least, just to get through the DVD Movie.
And if it’s a Sony Labeled Movie, it’ll be lucky to recover and Play at all.
Yes I have Cleaned the Lens with the special made Lens cleaner CD.
Just blowing off some steam bc I don’t like Sony made anything anymore.
Maybe they Need to get out of the business.

No, Sony outsourced CD-R manufacturing forever since Sony never had their own CD-R factories, Sony created their own ATIP and when you would insert the CD-R it would show that the manufacturer was “Sony”, however in reality the CD-Rs with Sony ATIP were made by Lead Data.

20 years ago, most of their CD-R which did not have a Sony ATIP (meaning not made by Lead Data), where made by Taiyo Yuden and had plenty of made up marketing terms such as “SUPREMAS” or “XO” Even though they were just regular Taiyo Yuden, Lead Data etc. CD-R just with Sony branding. Even their Master Disc for PS1 were all manufactured by Taiyo Yuden from 1994 (gold reflective layer, 6x) til 2006 (silver reflective layer, 16x).

They had their own factories (though those were devoted mainly to pressed media). Some of them are still active but AFAIK they are no longer producing CD-Rs.

Lead Data was only one of several OEM partners. And since Lead Data and Daxon went out of business, almost all Sony media had been made by MBI India.

What I mentioned was in relation to blank media though.

I would be intersted to know, are there any CD-R made by Sony themselves in one of their own factory? All the information I found online point out that Sony only used outsourced factories for their Sony branded CD-R? And as I mentioned, their very own PS1 Master Discs were all manufacturered by Taiyo Yuden.

But were they allowed to use a Sony ATIP such as 97m 24s 11f? From what I gather, only Lead Data was allowed to use a Sony ATIP, all the others used their own ATIPs. For example, 97m 24 s00f and 97m 24s 01f for Taiyo Yuden, 97m 27s 66f for Ritek, 97m 32s 00f for TDK etc None of which are Sony ATIPs.

Their blank media were made in the same factories as their pressed media.

I still have tens of burned Sony CD-Rs made by SONY DADC Salzburg (Austria) in my cupboard. They are still available on ebay:

Actually, MBI was contracted to made all kinds of optical media with Sony ATIPs/MIDs using genuine Sony stampers and manufacturing processes.

Yeah but I originally was only talking about blank media since all the information I found online pointed out to the fact that Sony didn’t make their own CD-R (of course now I know that this is not the case and that the information was erronous).

Oh that’s interesting to know thank you for the information, how’s the quality of their media compared to Taiyo Yuden, Pioneer, TDK etc? And do you know their ATIP and/or dye type and reflective layer type? Also did they ever make any CD-R in their own Japan factories?

There’s not alot of info on Sony DADC CD-R, can’t find much info on the internet beside on of your post from 2008: The rarest/most obscure recordable medium

And a post in Russian:

All of Sony made CD-R for Audio or are there some made for Data too?

Oh I see, thank you for the rectification.

The quality was good - comparable to first phtalocyanine TDK CD-Rs.

97m24s15f, phtalocyanine, silver.

The Data ones were far more common.

I have never seen any such medium with my own eyes but it is very likely.

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I remember I had 8x DVD-R and +R with Sony MID, Made in Austria, same factory as the CD-R?

Yes, Sony DADC Salzburg.

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