The Donnas - Spend The Night CD



Perhaps this is the same protection as is used on the new Velvet Revolver CD?

If I put the CD in my DVD-ROM drive while holding the SHIFT key down, EAC will see and list the audio tracks. However, if I try to extract the tracks, EAC locks up.

If I try to look at the CD with Windows Explorer, it locks up, too.

I tried to extract with EAC from my Lite-On CD burner; a few tracks were extracted, and then EAC locked up.

The CD won’t play in standard CD players.

There are no visible scratches or marks of any kind.

Do I need to use Alcohol 120% to make an image of this freak CD? If so, how do I figure out what protection is being used? I know there are databases for games, but I don’t know of any for audio CDs.


I can be more specific about the lock-ups & failures.

The audio CD cannot be read at all by my Lite-On DVD-ROM drive.

The CD can be read by my Lite-On CD burner; however:

• Track 7 “I Don’t Care (So There)” cannot be extracted by EAC
• Track 13 “5 O’Clock In The Morning” cannot be extracted by EAC

The other tracks extracted without error, but the extraction process was very slow.

I held the SHIFT key down while inserting the CD in either drive.

This type of protection is likely to become standard, as record companies have never wanted to be governed by fair use laws. How are we supposed to make personal backups & compilations of these audio CDs? Does anyone know how to set up Alcohol to get a workable copy of them?


Ugh . . . I’m the only one responding to my post.

I installed ASPI & EAC on another computer. Its Plextor CD burner would not read The Donnas’s audio CD. But an older ASUS 50x CD-ROM did read the CD.

I extracted the two problem tracks using that ASUS 50x CD-ROM on the other machine.

I then used a USB drive to transfer the new EAC-created WAV files from the old computer to my new one.