'the disk may be unusable' message on new disc

Sorry if i upset anyone putting this post into the wrong place, i’m no techno wizard but know more than the basic user and need some help. It’s quite simple really. For some reason I can’t put any of my photos/images onto a blank cd-r, using the windows wizard i get the ‘the disk may be unusable’ message ,and before u ask no the cd hasn’t been used before. Iv’e done the operation befroe fine and i do’t understand why i’m having this problem. I don’t know what i’ve done between when i last burned photos to a disk and now to cause this, although i have installed nero 7 premium??? The photo files are still in jpeg format and no im not trying to put more than 700mb on one cd!

I hope someone out there can help

Calm down and welcome to the forums…:slight_smile:

lets start with the basics, what are the details of your box…os, cpu…etc. Are you saying you could burn before you upgraded to nero7?

We are not going to flame you…but a little more info would be helpful…:slight_smile:

Ok ok, im on a laptop, 1.73 pentium M, 1024 Ram, 100GB HDD, 8x DVD±RW multiformat double layer.

In bullet points-

  • i can’t put anything (originally tried photos) onto a cd-r, whether it be audio, image or data, using the windows explorer/wizard. I get the message ‘the disc you have attempted to write may not be usable’, and it gives me a link to ‘roxio, inc’, the cd manufacturer.

-the cd-r’s are your normal 700mb data cd’s and ive written stuff onto them plenty of times before so it cant be the cd’s that are the prob

  • I tried writing data to the cds using other applications to see if that would work - and i CAN burn audio files to the cd’s using win media player, and i CAN put a photo slide show onto the cd’ using nero, so this means its not the files that are a prob

  • the last time i wrote something to cd however was a good while ago so iv’e no idea what could have made this problem.

can you put them on there with nero? nero7 has some known bugs…when did you install it?

Nero 7 premium is what i installed, but it doesnt have the option to simply put files as they are onto a cd, all nero’s functions are designed to put audio, video and photo files into a fancy display like a slideshow. But yes, i think, is the answer to your question, it burns images onto a cd but in a slideshow format, however when i come to play it back…it doesnt seem to open. The image files are on thier but if i open them using ms picture and fax viewer (default thing) it can’t generate the picture preview, so in a nut shell

  • yes it burns fine using nero, but no i cant view the picture, hope i make sonse lol

  • i installed nero approx 2 weeks ago

OK…I don’t use 7…I use nero6…but in cd or dvd iso…you can simply drag to the project box and burn as a data disc…

Ok i forgot to try just doin a data disc, i used nero express and it’s worked, so thankyou for that and for your time. So why do u think i can’t do it the windows way

-copy to cd (or send to :/E)
-write these files to disc
-writing wizard opens
-edit cd name
-attempting to write failed. disk may not be usable

Do u think nero may somehow stop windows from performing as a default writer or something

nero 7 is buggy…and may have taken over permisions on your system…personaly, I always thought xp’s writing was weak and never used it…but thats my preference…

My best guess is nero7 took over some links in the code…and it’s now your defacto default burner app

And there’s no way of changing this back?

Thank you for your help by the way

try uninstalling nero…if you had nero6…reinstall that…your hardware works…:slight_smile:

BTW…you are very welcome…Z:)