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The Discfolio is a slick disc carrying case that folds up for easy travel and storage.

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Sleek designs?!? BARF!! The craftsmenship of the “Discfolio” is among the shoddiest I’ve ever laid my eyes upon. It’s like a bad imitation purse from China sewn by a blind 7yo. While novel in design, it seems that corners were cut in it’s production. With this quality of craftsmenship, has CDFreaks even “owned” AND used a Discfolio long enough to see if it’ll hold together?!? I think not. I wouldn’t even take this product if I won it with 50 arcade tickets, much less pay $20 for it. This product definately doesn’t warrant 4 outta 5 stars… and CDFreaks are likely to be eating they’re own words real soon on this one. :r

I really meant to respond to this “comment” earlier, but I actually forgot about it. Did you even buy a Discfolio? Probably not. I have had great reviews from many credible sources and they love the product and say it is well made. It displays an entire collection of CDs in the most efficient way possible. This CD case has been wonderfully designed and redesigned over several years and I am very proud of it.

Why don’t you actually take a look at a product before you trash it. You make me want to BARF on you. What idea have you come up with?

I purchased a Discfolio about a couple of weeks ago and love it. I needed something just like this to store my discs, it’s great because it holds a huge amount and I hate to keep my discs in a bunch of seperate cases and I can’t stand those huge bulky cases. Cool product.

Why is this in the blank media section?

It is an ideal CD case for blank media. Label the tops of your burned discs and your library looks great.