The disc motor does not spin


I have an LG GSA-4163B (A104) and some days ago suddenly the drive did not recognise any disc. I saw that discs did not spin.

Is that common among LG drives? Can I solve the problem with firmware update? Are there any possible internal operation to get the motor on? Or simply components in these units are cheap and bad with no solution?

Thanks in advance

I seem to be having the same problem. It started with no obvious reason (no recent installations or updates). I flashed to the latest and greatest firmware, still nothing. If you find anything out, please share it!


You might need to regrease the rails.

I’ve been reading about regreasing rails on various posts here - saw one used sewing machine oil and others talk about contact cleaner.

Any thoughts on that issue? What to use for grease specifically? I’m not sure what’s easy, what’s hard and what’s impossible to find in Poland, so I thoguht a few ideas might give me some variosu choices.


By the way, for anyone else looking, this thread is pretty specific coverage of regreasing the rails for an LG:


Well, the lens kit carries perfectly. Do you mean regrease the motor inside?

I used reel lube when I regreased my 4163B. It didn’t need it - I just decided to do some maintenance.


if the motor does not spin, then the drive is damaged seriuosly. Firmware does never help with hardware issues, and in this case, also regreasing would not help.
In case there you are still under warranty (void when opened the drive), contact LG support. If warranty is void, then it’s time to buy a new drive.


Have you checked the molex connector, there may be a problem with the 12 volt supply!

I have the same opinion as mciahel.

If the motor is not spinning, FW upgrades or regreasing are of no help.


I’ve tested the unit in several PCs, and it has the same problem.

I am under warranty. I took the unit to the shop and they pick it up to get a new one. Meanwhile they gave me two broken drives to test (GSA-4082B and GSA-4120B). One of them had the same disc motor problem, and the other needed regreasing, but only reads some CDs. If I manage to repair the last, I will have two by the price of one :slight_smile:

Good for you! :flower: