The disc is whaaat?

Hey, first off i’d like to say i’m a semi noob when it comes to vcd, dvd, or svcd burning, but i have a good understanding of burning .cue’s .bin’s and .iso’s. With that said, i downloaded my friends home made skate video and i wanted to put it on a DvD so we can watch it on his DvD player. Here are the specs for his video incase it helps:

And here’s what it said BEFORE i started burning it:

As you can see, the video is 692 MB and in .avi format and Nero says it seems like its gonna fit right? Well, it tells me that it has to encode the media before it burns it. OK, so it took about an hour to encode the whole thing. Once it was finished encoding it prepared to burn the video, but it said that the disc ( a maxwell 700 MB CD-R ) didn’t have enough space on it to continue!

The thing is, they dont make discs bigger than 700 MB do they!? What to do now? I inserted a DvD-R and it said it was not the correct type of disc for this operation. So now i am stuck.

-Is there anyway to get this movie on a CD and be able to watch it on a DvD player? : |
-Should i try burning the disc in SVCD instead of VCD?
-Is there a way to cut down the size of the movie?
-Can someone walk me through a way to burn this movie on a DvD instead and avoid the size issue?

Helpful links or advice are greatly appreciated :bow:


If you wanna make a dvd you have to convert the movie to a dvd compliant format. There are various tools to do this, e.g. NeroVision Express or TMPGEnc Plus/Express, but there are others…

Try DVDLab and look at this tutorial to see how its done. The files must be in SVCD or VCD standard for this to work. There are other ways to do this if you want to use the original DIVX / XVID movie have a look here or have a look here for the complete list of tutorials offered by CDFreaks.

Though those links are very informative, what i really want to know is, how do i make an .avi to a VCD/DvD?

I’m now using DvD-Lab and Nero

As i said that tutorial will only work for VCD/SVCD files not avi. you need to convert avi to vcd/svcd format or a DVD format.

knock yourself out.