The disc is dirty

i updated to 5.3.5(mobile).anyway,it copy to the pc,if i go to the tv is coming the disc is dirty.that’s if i select full movie. then i redo on main movie and it copy it, that i can watch on the tv. does anyone knows what’s going on? thanks

Maybe the full movie contains the dirty parts…:bigsmile:
Seriously now, what mobile profile? what media ?what movie? what settings?
More details…:slight_smile:

I had the same problems regularly. I think the best solution (which works for me is to ENABLE PATHPLAYER)…Also, use VSO or Nero.

I now rarely sees “DISC IS DIRTY”.

Try it…


Read the above thread which I posted previously…

For your information, Problems are not REALLY solved. I still have the DISK DIRTY, but not as often as before.

Hope this helps.


P/S :- I think ripping using NERO helps too.