The Disc Is Copyrighted

I have a problem in burning DVD-R with Nero. It keeps showing me the message “ The disc is copyrighted and cannot be read.” Is there a way to bypass this? I have used Alcohol 120%, and it crashed when the burning reached 100%. It seems that I have come to a dead end. Can anyone help?

Can you be a bit more specific??? If your burning a DVD 1:1 it isnt gonna work… or are you burning a .IMG or VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS folders???


Hi, it’s a 1:1 copying. And I am using Pioneer DVR 104.

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Um… well, either your doing somthing i dont know of, or your very new to DVD copying.
In the second case, you cant just copy a DVD 1:1, it doesnt work like that. There are loads of protection you have to pass, and the biggest problem would be that DVD9 (>9 Gigs) doesnt fint on a DVDr.
You have to rip, strip,downsample and reauthor a dvd before you can burn it. For a few guides try , but thats a fairly complex site.
Others that you should try is http// ,an easyer site that alows you to rip a movie without the menu.
There are a few 1:1 dvd copying programs out there, but they all kinda suck.


P.S soory if the english isnt very good. :smiley:

Thanks for your kind reply. Yup, I am new to the DVD-R community. So far, I haven’t been able to make a successful 1:1 copy yet. I will keep trying. I completely agree with you that most 1:1 copying softwares suck. I heard that CloneDVD is coming up. Maybe it will be our savior. Thanks again.

Well, the main problem is the downsampeling. Becouse most DVD movies are larger than 4.40 Gigs, they have to be made smaller to fit on a DVD-r. A few 1:1 programs do downsample, but do it in a fashion that relay messes up the quality, others dont down size and spit the Movie onto 2 DVD-rs. I sugest if you want to backup your DVDs, read asmany guides as you can. Starting with the one on , it teaches you to use the most used program out there, IFOedit. After you undertand that, you could go to Doom9 and find out how to keep menus, downsample with CCE (witch is very high quality, but complex), and then author with Mystro. Thats the way i learnd it, and im very pleased with the results.

Greetings and good luck

If ,in fact,you’re one of those people who are interested in just the movie,and not
all of the 'special ’ features that most people dont watch anyway,get the following two items,an ATI all-in-wonder video capture card (I have the 7500,although Kenshin and others recommended the 8500),and a Macrovision decoder from ,and you
can copy just about ANYTHING (i.e:Spiderman),and the picture quality is on par with the original. The only setback is no 5.1 output
on your copy. So if you’re willing to sacrifice the sound,it’s an easier method.

I am not interested in the special features. And I am not picky about the sound. Is the card “all-in-wonder capture card” popular in computer stores? I do have a TV-card. Will that do the job?


Yes,it will. I’ve tested the copy on people
that weren’t aware,and they were very surprised at the picture quality. I for one can say this method WORKS…:cool: But
the method is not complete without the decoder,you MUST get that,it’s about $40 US. Sorry,moderators,this should be in hardware,my apologies…:bow:

Sup Rob,
Im curious, does it spit a DVD9 movie onto 2 DVDs??

And in my honset opinion id go with the guide on DVD2DVD, its easy and you get the movie, on 1 cd with the sound of your choise (via IFO edit). But ill leave it up to you to decied…


The whole reason why DVD9’s have to be split is that you’re trying to recover everything on the disc(intros,dvd-rom features,commentary,etc,etc,). I’m willing to bet if you copied JUST the movie, it would fit on one disc,in the majority of cases. Until the software comes out where it’s done in two or three steps(put the original in,copies it,then writes to a blank with all of the original intact),I’ll stick to this method of madness…:cool:

sup Rob,
Well, in most cases you dont, in the cases you do have to downsample a little, REmpeg can do that for you in a few hours… i guess we all have our preferences.


i have done guides that might help you.
take a look at

just lmk by mail if you need help.

Thanks for all your guys’ help. I have made a good copy of my first DVD-R by usying DVDdecrypter and IfoEdit. Though it was really pain in the neck, it was worth it. I think I am getting better at this.


As said before, try the guides at I too am new to DVD backing up and within a couple of hours reading through this site I had my working 1 disc backup of Spiderman with Dolby 5.1, although no menus, but who needs em!!!