The dimitri story

I just posted the article The dimitri story….

Dimitri (the guy who hacked M$ twice) got fired by his company (a M$ partner) … The Register is telling us:

The hacker who made Microsoft look foolish in November by breaking into its servers…

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Dimitri. keep your pants on. soon the day will come. soon. special message to you :

fly over the nest , you will know when to land.

I just can’t understand what’s wrong with the big companies. Why can’t they admit that they’re not perfect? Noone is perfect and noone will become perfect, no matter how much power of money they have.

Y0w DiMitri,

je kan ook schoonmaken

Doesn’t cdfreaks need an other member
A person that knows some about computers etc…etc…

hehehehe als kinder oppas…

4LM1GHTY L33T0 H4XX0R?? DoMiN8ToR? LOL . I can even H4XX0R better than you DoMiN8ToR

ViNNY, what kind of language is that?

Could you translate it into a readable text ?

with such credentials as those on your cv employers will beg to employ you: don’t worry!

Quote: "I’ve been at home for six weeks and I’ll stay here a bit longer.

I wonder what he’s going to do…

I didn’t know that we had an airport named SCHIPOL in holland. the only one I know is SCHIPHOL. better check your text better, Dominator.