The Digital Dolphin dead?

Wasn’t too sure in which section to post this - I was wondering what ever happened to the Digital Dolphin ? Haven’t heard from him in a while, is he still alive ? :slight_smile: He was supposed to have a website setup - but it’s not there - Anybody have any news ? Has he joined new ventures ? :slight_smile:

No, he’s far from dead!! :cool: It’s just… his post count is 0.06 posts per day here :stuck_out_tongue:

You can find him on CDRLabs and RedFlagDeals, where he’s a bit more active. :smiley:

I think he got caught in a tuna net…

I wonder why he doesn’t post on cdfreaks - wonder if he has something against it… Sounds “fishy” if you ask me :smiley: (had to…)

Hey, Dolphins are not “fish” they are mammals.

Maybe that’s why he only posts once in a whale? :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe he got caught in the same oil slick that took out my beloved Sharks… :sad:


The truth of it is that I work full time during the day, and over the last year developed something that could almost pass as a social life. So when you add the fact that I also write reviews for CDRLabs, it’s hard to be properly active on too many forums. So I tend to spend most of my time on Redflagdeals and CDRlabs. Luckily I have a few friends, like [buck] and Dakhaas who DO visit this forum more regularily, and generally keep me informed of things I might have an interest in (like say, this thread :P)

In the past I had boycotted this forum because I found a lot of people were very rude, and many of the moderators lacking the word “moderate” in their vocabulary. This problem however has improved greatly with the making of Wesociety and Franksoy into moderators, as they, along with OC-Freak, are not only quite friendly, but also more willing to question common beliefs when new ideas of facts come along.

In short, there may even come a day when I’ll be on here more regularily… but my amount of free time seems to prefer decreasing rather then increasing as of late :frowning: