The diffrence between Prodisk S03 and R03

I was just wondering what the diffrenct is between Prodisk S03 and R03 and where can i buy both at. ( ?)

Prodisc S03 is 4x DVD-R, R03 is 8x +R. Both should be available from Rima (it’s possible if you order the 4x Prodisc DVD-Rs you’ll get MCC/Mitsubishi media).

thanks for the info now question is witch is better -r or +r. They will both work proberly in dvd players right? sorry i am not a newb but i always used -r. Never really used +r

by the way i just checked my my disk info and i do got MCC is that good or bad also

If you read this forum carefully, Prodisc DVD media seems to have very inconsistent quality atm. Quite a few people are reporting problems, while others have good results.

If you are going to order from, why not buying the best media there is, Taiyo Yuden? Printable TY discs are available there as well. If they are too expensive (well worth it IMHO), try to get some Ricoh (DVD+R), Ritek (DVD-R) or even CMC discs (both +R and -R). Printable versions should be broadly available as well.

P.S.: Genuine MCC discs (normally Verbatim branded in the West) are very good as well, but usually not cheaper than TY discs which are even better.

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What burner do you have? If it is a NEC 3500 then the Prodisc +R’s are REALLY iffy as the 3500 really prefers -R’s-

Do Taiyo Yuden or Ritek and you will be ok with the burnin’ world-

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Yeah i just bought the nc-3500a from newegg. Getting it in the mail tommorow. I bought 100 pc og prodisk but they turned out to be MCC’s. The only thing i was to go to do is burn and print to the hub. Is there anouther media that is better then prodisk and can print all the way to the hub? Also i was reading in “Liggy’s ND-3500AG TEST firmware results and discussion” That they are burning Prodisk R03’s at 12x is this true or did i misread. If to that how can R03’s be so bad after all.

I have to agree that the Prodisc media is very spotty. I got a good batch of R03 in the past but the last inkjet printable batch I got (1 50 pack S03, 1 50 pack R03) are not burning well. No coasters but high PI/PO errors, only working acceptably at 4x burns, start glitching when I ff on an older dvd player.

hit and miss for me too with prodisc lately.

so what media should i get for my burner that is inkjet printable

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My 3500’s get good consistant burns with Taiyo Yuden 8x -R’s and Ritek 8x -R’s (the TY 8x +R’s are in the UPS system from - I will be testing them next week)-

btw - the Ritek brand seems to have some quality issues (I have not had any yet) and TY doesn’t - I personally am going to buy only TY’s in the future-

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