The different mitsubishi manufactured discs

I did this to see if there is quality difference between the different mitsubishi discs.


Made in India: Moser Baer manufactured DVD-R and DVD+R, with MCC ID.

Made in Taiwan: CMC Magnetics manufactured DVD-R and DVD+R, with MCC ID.

Made in Singapore: The real Mitsubishi manufactured DVD-R and DVD+R discs with MCC ID.

First off is DVD+R where I’ll use the 8X Plextor PX-708A writer to write the discs:

India 4X DVD+R disc:

Taiwan 4X DVD+R disc:

Singapore 4X DVD+R disc:

All in all the real Mitsaubishi discs came out as the best.

For the CMC disc it slowed down very early and the moser baer disc have some problems at the end.

But the overall result can’t be called anything else than acceptable with all discs.

And so onto DVD-R, here I’ll use what I consider to be the king of DVD-R: The pioneer DVR-106.

India DVD-R 4X:

Taiwan DVD-R 4X:

Singapore DVD-R 4X:

All in all they are all good, but the CMC discs have slightly higher overall erroramount as well as some nasty spikes at the end.