The difference between models

I found in a webshop here in Norway, three different Pioneer DVR-111 types. They were :

  1. Pioneer DVR-111 (only)
  2. Pioneer DVR-111D (and Pioneer-DVR-111DBK - black version)
  3. Pioneer DVR-111DSI

They all have different prices. Whats the difference between the models ? Which is best ?

DVR-111 supports DVD-RAM writing, the DVR-111D does not.

BK Black, SI Silver

The beige ones work better than the black ones, but people usually pick the colour they prefer. Other than that they are all mechanically identical.

Brother Vlad

Wow, really? (colour matters) What differences have you seen?

That is strange, because, for example, Plextor’s “feature” was black drives’ trays and other inside plastic details. Black is known to absorb the light, when white and silver reflect it.

Really, why is it working worse than the beige variant?

Never seen DSI, but DSV is here. :wink:

TDB’s mistaken a bit. IMHO, as well as that price authors :wink:

And if anyone knows, please, explain, why the Black is worse than the Beige version! I really need to know that. Is that difference only in tray loading sound (I mean, the black version is creaking when the tray is opening/closing, while the beige version does not)?

Eh, who told you that …?

It is not true! I have a silver and a black 111.

TDB :wink: :

Thank you, chef!
Maybe TDB also meant the tray creaking when loading. My 110DBK’s tray also creaks when loading, but NOT A SINGLE White 110 I’ve seen had this problem/feature :bigsmile:

I cannot say anything about black 110 burners, never had one.
I have a beige 110, a silver 111 (D) and a black 111 here.

So I only can speak for/about 2 111 burners, I don’t know how many 111 burner TDB have to feed. :wink:

Anyone can tell me why my Pio makes a cracking sound when opened/closed? :sad: :sad: :sad: Lack of oil maybe? :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

Mine is black but i did not know that the beige is better? Must paint mine… :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:


I’ve only read that the black traed burners should allow to make better burns than with other coloured drives… another myth, eh.