The difference between DVD-R and DVD+R



Neither is better, better quality media determines that. Most new drives will write to either; most new players will play both. Generally, +R had some problems being read on older players so bitsetting evolved to solve the problem. Some users say +R is more “robust”, but there is no hard evidence either way. Stick to TY, Verbatim MCC, and avoid Ritek and use whichever gives you the best burn as different burners can prefer one over the other.


+r media has the advantage of being able to change the booktype to DVD-ROM for greater compatability with players.


As mentioned above by Chas, a quality disc of either format is excellent. However, the format can make a bit of difference depending on what application(s) you intend to use them for. I make videogame console backups (XBOX, PS2) and I have found that a quality DVD-R disc tends to be a little bit more universal across all versions of the two consoles and their different DVD-ROM drives. For all other applications though a quality DVD+R with the booktype set to DVD-ROM and a quality DVD-R are both good choices. It should be noted though that not all DVD Burners support the booktype feature (or will need a firmware update before it can do so) so you will need to look into that first.


why avoid ritek?


As far as the media itself, I compare it to the Ford vs. Chevy debates.

Well put. I use both as well. Depends on which inkjet printables are on sale for me. My equipment will play both, except for one older DVD player that only plays -R or DVD-ROM. I just booktype the +R’s, so that’s not even an issue. (I am waiting on that thing to kick the bucket so that I can justify buying a new one!!!) :slight_smile:

I have mostly +R’s because my LiteOn seems to just love the Yuden000 T02. My Pioneer equally loves the Yuden000 T02 and the TYG02!!! But, it’s easier to stick with one format… If that ever becomes the case for me, I will choose the +R…


i need to buy some blank dvds again, i usually buy dvd-r, but they have a good deal at newegg for dvd+r, i know dvd-r has a higher compatiblity rate with dvd players, but what real advantage does dvd+r have over dvd-r?


If you REALLY want to know, then read this article:

Why DVD+R(W) is superior to DVD-R(W)

Depending on your burner/recorder one or the other may be the only format supported, or one format might have better quality burns.


Alternative title “Why Philips think that DVD+R is superior to DVD-R” :bigsmile:


Well then please be so kind to prove the opposite … preferably with technical facts. Everyone can laugh at one’s article but few can actually come up with arguments, which of them will you be?


I never said that DVD-R is superior to DVD+R :slight_smile: so why should I prove a assertion I never made?

I use DVD-R and DVD+R, my drives and players have no problems with both. But some colleagues have older players that don´t play +R.

My overall conclusion is: Both formats are almost equal, depending on waht drives you use.


I always wondered why new DVD+RW are always formatted in my pc’s burner before use, but DVD-RW’s are not. Probably has something to do with the superiority of the DVD+ media over the DVD-. Also, something kinda interesting, If i remember right, in my Pioneer DVR-225S recorder, which only uses DVD-R/RW, whenever i put a new DVD-RW in the unit, it has to “initialize” the disc before use, and when i put a new DVD-R in the unit, it doesn’t need to initialize. I can use it right off the bat.


just buy both!!! this is not like you have to choose between 2 guys or 2 girls… GEEZZZZZ :-\\\\\\\\\\\


Pretty good article if you want technical information rather than opinions.


Again i can only say: LOL

Where´s the ad with this text “This is sponsered by Philips” :bigsmile: ?

I still want only practical results, not the theoretical facts looks good on paper but that never been proved in real-world.


Full agree :iagree:


Feel free to ignore science if you want. My practical results also support +R and +RW as a better choice.


I guess, you don´t understand me.

All DVD-Player I ever used play DVD-R without probs, but not DVD+R

I ignore the theoretical facts if the practical use shows no advantages.

And I´m only talk about “R”, nor “RW” and “DL”

And the best looking media is still DVD-R, TYG02 is still unbeatable by DVD+R :bigsmile:


Obviously you are unable to comment on the technical content
of my article so all you can do is attack my independence. Unless you can
show or prove something, you stop it now.


Obviously you are unable to comment on the technical content
of my article so all you can do is attack my independence. Unless you can
prove something, you stop it now.


I don´t have to prove that both formats are almost equal.

But you should prove that the theoretical facts are in the practice are noticeable.



All you have been able to say so far is that in your experience
-R is more compatible. If you read this thread, you will see that
other people have different experience.

My article is not about your experience, it is about the two standards.
If think that some of the technical points I mention in the article are
wrong, post your arguments. If you think the article is biased and I
that I forgot something for -R, post your arguments. Your experience
or mine are NOT valid technical arguments.

Finally, your repeated attacks against my independence are insulting
and will not be tolerated.

I gave you a few days off so that you can think about this and I hope
you will come back with more constructive posts.