The difference between DVD-R and DVD+R



If my memory serves me correctly, and sometimes it does not, there is already a thread on this issue somewhere in this section.


a thread? ‘a’ thread? :a try a few thousand threads, i’ll yell you whats better than both +R and -R tying people who ask that question up to a lamp post and pouring hot tar over them.

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as you can see its been asked just a few times in the past :wink: search should give you all the info you need.


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my preference is the + because i’m just a positive kind of guy…

also please note - two DVD -'s do not make a DVD + … :bigsmile:


I use both formats and not because one format is better then the other.
I use “-” if i cant get “+” and i use “+” when i cant get “-”.
One thing i like for “-” is the very low PIF rate.
For DVD+R the bitsetting is nice.
Oh and if forgot to mention that i had no probs with both formats.


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I know there’s many threads discussing which is a better format. But there’s still no definite answer yet. I don’t care too much about tech details or compatibility (both seems good enough). But since they are using different kind of dye, I wonder if there’s any difference between their storage time.

I read some post recomending DVD+R for movies & DVD-R for data. My understanding is that a movie DVD can tolerant much more error than a data disc. So, is it that DVD-R is more reliable?


who knows! the only thing we can be sure of is the better quality dvd-r and dvd+r will last longer than the crap ones.


arkhan, i think it’s the other way around, and not because of media reliability, but because of DVD player compatibility.


That’s funny, since according to the “reports” DVD-R is compatible with a higher percentage of DVD players desbite DVD+R’s the bit-setting ability.

I guess there won’t be a definite answer unless after a few years and the observations of which dies quicker afloats.


As I understand it not all writers are capable of bitsetting, therefore the discs ability is not realy of much use in those cases.

Which lasts longer well that’s debatable. Many things play a part, storage conditions being one, I have a realy crappy Burnstar (anyone remember them?) and it is still readable now after nearly 18 months.

As arkhan says I doubt there will be a definative for quite a while yet.


:cool:Definitive Answer:cool:

Um … same dye people!!! The question is not relevant.

Technically though, DVD+R is a better format, hence the disc will be readable longer even though the dye disintegrates.
DVD-R doesn’t have better compatability. That was only relevant upto 2 years ago. If you read anywhere that DVD-R is better, you are reading an “Internet vampire”.

Lit: Internet Vampire - Something which is irrelevant, outdated or superseded which is still accessible, but a waste of bandwidth.


:cool:Definitive Answer:cool:

Quality is the same. If you buy Taiyo Yuden DVD+R you get the same dye as Taiyo Yuden DVD-R for the same generation of discs.

DVD+R format is technically superior, meaning that despite the degradation of the dye/substrate, a DVD+R disc will remain readable longer.

However, if you compare at TY DVD-R with a generic (princo) DVD+R the DVD-R is better.
Alternatively, if you compare a princo DVD-R with a TY DVD+R, DVD+R is better.


for those who’ve had DVD stand-alones for more than 2 years (plenty of people) it’s not irrelevant…




If you own an expensive DVD player, which you are unwilling to upgrade frivolously, and it supports only DVD-R, you don’t have a choice, hence the question is irrelevant.

If you own a relatively cheap DVD player, like 90% of the world, which supports both, but has crappy reading & piss-poor error correction capabilities, DVD+R has a longer lastability due to the better error correction in the format.

On a technical standpoint, comparing apples for apples, neither last longer, they are the same dye & compounds.