The difference between DVD-R and DVD+R



Which burner, which firmware, which media, which DVD Player and model number? We need more info before we can help you narrow it down. :wink:



Forgot to include in my post above that I use the -R medias in my 3500’s



:wink: Thanks I guess I sort of figure it out. I needed to compress it more down to the right size. I have a dual layer burner. But I guess I need a dual layer disc :confused: to burn more.


The "Trade-Off " I’ve experienced (using 2500a) is that DVD+R creates
cleaner burns with lower error rates, but they’re slightly less compatible
with a large variety of DVD players. DVD-R creates discs that are more
compatible with a wider variety of DVD players, especially older DVD
players, but the discs have a very slightly greater incidence of
data errors.

Currently, the only 8.5 Gig dual-layer discs available are DVD+R.


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and for the record i use +R`s


trying to back up ps2 dvd rom games. Ive been using +r Memorex. Ive made 4 frizbees.? Should i use -r? Using nero6 w/lite on 1673s. First time using Memorex. :confused:


First do you have a modchip or other boot method if so best use dvd-r but in the newer versions dvd+r works also…


Unfortunately with a Lite-On you can never be sure about burn quality. I’d run a few K-Probes to be sure.


Set booktype το DVD-Rom using DVD+R.
If use best media you can buy,you have never have a burn or quality problem in average usage .Advice “media forum”


For PS2, I would definitely be using DVD-R. A quality DVD-R disc will give you the most flexibility across all versions of PS2. That and Memorex in general are not a good choice for media. Check out or for great deals on Taiyo Yuden DVD-R. Taiyo Yuden is superb media. :wink:


I was recently told by someone that dvd-r discs will last longer then dvd+r discs…any truth to this?


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dont always beleive what u hear :slight_smile: i dont see how one could last longer then the other


Wensleydale, acording to Wallace & Gromit or was it Double Gloucester :smiley:

the person that told you minus last longer is obviously biest towards them, it all depends on quality of burn + quality or media + storage conditions = life of media.


ako was Wensleydale.

Though I have to agree with the equation for life of DVD. I have some crappy media (Burnstar any one remember them) and the data is still readable, as I stored them properly, I have some good media and the data ia unreadable as I stored them incorrectly, left them on the radiator and the heating kicked on while I was away for a couple of days, as a test as I had some in full sunlight my living room window faces south, and had some in the freezer. I was curious to see what would happen.


is the test still on going?
for sure UV light kills media, as the inks used are organic, i wounder how the frozen ones are.


As you all have said is what I thought as well. I figured the person was full of shit. And they are biased towards -r media. Trying to convince me to use that instead. They don’t seem to understand that my LiteOn burns them for shit. Just thought I would check though. Stupid of me to probably even have doubt, but I’d rather be safe and know for sure. So thanks.


Lite-On burners tend to be biased towards +R media. I for one wouldn’t be using one as a burner. Error rate scans and ripping maybe but definitely not for burns as there is plenty of evidence to suggest that they aren’t as good for burning as some of the others out there (ie NEC, Pioneer). Anyways, I would say it depends on the application but the general rule is that quality media of both formats are durable. :wink:


Yeah, I know about LiteOn’s and needing +r media for the best burns. Unfortunantly I didn’t know that when I purchased one and I didn’t know LiteOn wasn’t one of the tops. Everything I’d read before coming here and other places where people actually use them, rather then just reading reviews, told me they were good burners. Anyway, next time I’ll be getting an NEC or Pioneer. They burn everything well. Though, I have heard that the newest Pioneer (maybe the 109a is having teething problems).


The 109 has had teething problems but they seem to have fixed it with the new V1.40 firmware update. Been hearing really good things about the 109’s performance after the update was released.


well my liteon actully seems to have slighty better scan of -R media, after the new cstj firm, but i hardly use -r, but now with new firms liteon is about the same between both - and + just use good media and u wont have problems