The difference between DVD-R and DVD+R



Even my first DVD-writer could use both formats, also my very cheap Cyberhome DVD-Standalone. My list of owed DVD-writers is very long and I don´t see a real advantage for -R or +R.

Someone wrote here long time ago why +R is so much better than -R; but that was theory and the real world don´t confirmed that.

In the beginning +R was always faster, they released 2,4x while -R uses 2x, +R realeased 8x while -R 4x and so on. But later both stayed on 16x. And I remember that many ppl in fora don´t likedd to burn the max. speed

After Benq released the 1620 and 1640 which had very good writing quality on +R some ppl also say that +R is so much better than -R.

But is that the truth?

Yeah, I know some awsome scans with Benq-drives and Yuden T02, but was it an advantage in real world?

No, that´s my opinion.

I burned so much media and re-scanned it after some years. And sometimes I was shocked how bad some of my media performs after some years. Some of my T02, MCC004 and T03 decreased dramatic.

RITEKG05, one of the most hated media still is in good condition after many years. OK, there had not so good scan results directly after burning, but it decreased not so bad like some other media.

My RITEKR03, RITEK P16, RITEK F16, all +R-media were much more worse.

My old -R 4x with TTG01, TYG01, MCC 01RG20 are still in very good condition, most of my MCC 03RG20 also.

Actual there are not many DVDR-manufacturers are “alive”. Mostly I get media from AML/UME, MBI, CMC.

The distinguished matter is: The -R-media are better, mostly much better than the +R. I tested those media on DVD-writers from actual LGs, Liteon, Pioneer, Samsung and some older drives from Plextor and Benq.

So my conclusion is: -R is maybe not superior to +R, but in my experience better.


Little link farm + question:

Abandoned MyCE thread from 2004:

+R vs. -R DVDs. What is difference?

Question: The following article claims: “These [advanttages] include: instant eject without waiting for finalized formatting, simultaneous formatting and recording, easy replacement of specific sectors, drag-and-drop recording,”

Are these features not possible with -R?

  • Instant eject? Why exactly should that not be possible with -R? My DVD-RW recorder and my DVD-R drive PC want to close the session of +R and -R, but no damage if session left open, ejection forced while disc was not writing.
  • Drag/Drop recording? What does that even mean anyway? I imagine dragging and dropping some files using a PC with UDF.
  • Timeshift. (maybe understandable for old drives with insufficient anti-buffer-underrun/protection capabilities).
  • Easy replacement of specific sectors. Where is that documented? Is this only for +RW? Isn’t that a software/UDF thing, which is also possible on -R?
  • One article claimed: For simultaneous use in PC and DVD recorder. Does that mean, that both access the same disc drive somehow?
  • What is lossless linking?

I hope that somebody can clarify things for me.