The difference between DVD-R and DVD+R



Can you recommend software that will allow me to burn avi and divX files onto DVD’s?


And I have found that YUDEN000 T02 +R is better on any of my 7 burners than TYG02. So my practical experience is exactly the opposite of yours.

Neither of our experiences is scientifically sound. That is why the analytical data is important. Just because one is “better” than another in no way means that the loser is bad. Also better quality has nothing whatsoever to do with playability in hardware that has been designed to be incompatible. That is entirely another issue.


Well i would say that DVD-R/DVD+R has no differenc they go same quality and I tryed both and it played allmost on all the DVD player even the old ones!!!


Nero got to do it all and u have to have something like “DIVX PLAYER” and that is about it


And what should that prove??


When burning a dvd +r in the 3 or 4 hr mode can I record one show then take out dvd and then use another day to burn another movie until I use the entire 3 or 4 hours. I have new lite on 1101 and am reading to use.


Sure you can, let’s have a look in the owners manual. :wink:


I did find in the manaul, but thank you for reply as well. I will ask you another question that I have not found answer yet in owners manual. Can I edit commericals out of a +r dvd? And if so how is that done?


No, a DVD+R is WORM media. Write Once Read Many.
Try with DVD+RW.


I recorded a program today and note came on to finalize so I can view on another dvd player. My question is this is on a +r dvd, the program I recorded in 4 hr mode was only 1.5 hours long. My question if I finalize can I burn anything else on this disk?


Hi folks,

Quikee - on your Signature Line I noticed you have a BenQ 1640 … what do you use for burning your dvd back-ups … DVD+R or DVD-Rs?

Quikee or anyone else … I am currently using Taiyo DVD-R 8X (TYG02) and they have been pretty good. Assuming player compatibility it is not my issue, would I be Happier with Taiyo DVD+Rs since I just read BenQ likes +R version better?



MY NEC-ND3450A says it can write rewrite DVD+DL and -DL but its not working.


I strongly suggest you to read the NEC FAQ first!

Also this:


is it true that DVD-R are recommended for movies and DVD+R are better for data cd’s?

have a few DVD-R data cd;s that have been givin me trouble…freezin comp. etc…
but they work eventually



Use good media and u will have no prob, no matter data or movies


My weird problem: I have a LG DVX9700 (DVD / DivX / XviD player).

I burned some movies on a DVD+R: XviDs and srt subtitles. DVD media: DVD+R Verbatim MCC004. Check quality here:

On my player, the movies play just fine. The subtitles are the problem: some segments on subtitles just don’t show (let’s say, from 00:00:00 to 00:05:00 they show, from 00:05:01 to 00:10:00 don’t, from 00:10:01 they show again).

I “cloned” the DVD to a DVD-R and the subtitles worked like a charm. It seems it matters if I use -R instead of +R on my player :a



I just finished getting my pioneer DVR-111D to be able to auto bit set DVD+R to DVD-ROM booktype, as I have read that this makes DVD+Rs more widely compatable in general & with older equipment.

I want to archive/back up my movie files, jpgs, & tiff photos downloaded from my point & shoot digicam that are now on an external hard drive, onto discs. The movie files are mpg clips taken by my digicam. These files I want to burn now are not finished/edited DVD videos in DVD video format, but are more like data. what would be best for my purposes? I want/need the discs to last & be the most widely compatable the most operating systems, older & newer, PC & Mac, & set top DVD players. These will be archive discs, that I want to be able to open up in the event my hard drives fail.

I also have finished edited home movies in DVD video format as well, what would be best to archive these with?



Dvd+r usually burn at greater speed with the same recorder.
The only problem with +r is that with NEro I can’t simulate when I burn a dvd+r while simulation is available with dvd-r’s.
My dvd recorder is a Nec dvd rw ND-4551A.

Great forum…


Another really helpful thread!
I’ve generally bought -R as I found that most compatible, but tbh I don’t have a preference.
Atm I’m interested in data archival life, so I bought some Verbatim 16x -R.
-From their site, the -R says lifetime warranty >>>here<<<, the +R page doesn’t say this, does say highest level of recording stability but no lifetime warranty >>>here<<<

Just thought I’d throw that into the discussion. :slight_smile: