The Difference between DVD-R and DVD+R?

Can some one please (simply) explain to me what the difference between these two types of media are? I do not understand; thank you! :flower:

Well we have thread which is still reasonably active… :wink:

Otherwise you can consult DVDdemystified at this entry point:

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How does this answer promote understanding? :rolleyes:

simple…that’s the difference…most everything gets played + or -…you can or don’t have to booktype a +…doesn’t matter…it’ll get played…they both play ok on most dvd players…until the user states she or he has a dvd player from the stone age that can’t play + media…then we’ll cross that bridge

The media has what you call a lead in. These are parameters that give, IE dvd players instructions. On a DvD-R the parameters are set and cannot be changed. Where as on DvD+R you have the chance to change the parameters.

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