The difference between 411s and 451s?



hi there, ive got a liteon ldw 411s and my friends has the 451s, i was just wandering if there is any difference between the two??..

it looks identitcal and the product listing looks identitcal is well??

why would liteon would want to change their name??

but the firmware updates is different…hmmmm…

whats the deal???

is the 411s any better or worse??



451s is the same as 411s but it has some different components and different firmware.


Take your time and read this forum.
I´m sure you will soon find out, there is a big difference between these drives… :wink:

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BTW, the main difference in hardware is PUH. :slight_smile:


The 451 has a reputation for being the ‘better’ drive due to the newer PUH.



i understand the 451s is better as it is newer, but what about performances and realibility comparing to the 411s??


If I had to choose between the 411S and the 451S, I’d pick the 451S in a heartbeat. It’s a better drive overall, methinks.