The diferences between the pioneers 111

I want to buy a new dvd burner. After reading few threads I decided to buy a pioneer 111, can someone explain the difference between the 111L, 111S, 111d, etc.
In the shop where I normally buy my computer hardware they have, for the exact same price,
the Pioneer DVR-111D, the DVR-111DBK and the DVR-111DSV.
Which one should I choose?
Thanks for your help

Edit: D’oh … I think dbk means d black, doesn’t it?
and probably sv stands for something like that…

The BK and SV simply indicate colors black and silver respectively with no other difference between the drives. Simply choose color preference.

In addition to the above there’s the 111D (no RAM writing) , the 111 (with RAM writing) & the 111L (as 111 with LabelFlash).

The 111D being the basic can be cross-flashed into the other 2 as the hardware is exactly the same.

I just cross-flashed my buddy’s 111D to 111L. The most important difference in the 111L for me is the booktype setting. Sure, there’s LabelFlash, but good luck finding LabelFlash media at a decent price in the US. If the price difference between the 111D and 111L is substantial, pick up the 111D, because cross-flashing is easy as pie.

Good point about the auto booktyping for all +R media. Totally forgot to mention that & the only reason I went from 111 to 111L.

Thank you for your answers
but what’s booktyping? :o

Simply put it’s changing how a DVD player will see the disk. Historically some players have had a problem with DVD+R media so what booktyping does is to change the “book type” field on a DVD+R disk which is originally DVD+R to DVD-ROM thus fooling the player into believing that the disk is in fact a DVD-ROM (like a pressed DVD you buy with your favourite movie on).

The Pioneer drives do this as standard for Dual Layer media but it’s only the 111L in the 111 range that does it for DVD+R media.

Many drives this can be done as a user option but not Pioneers unfortunately.

Does that help?

One more question:
Is it better to use DVD+R or DVD-R media? (assuming that your burner can handle both)

Re-read TimC’s post. In summary, DVD+R once you have a 111L. Will work on all players.

IMO there’s no significant difference between using +R or -R unless you have a DVD player that’s incompatible with the media such as an old Toshiba player I have that doesn’t play +R recordings unless book type is set to DVD-ROM when recording to +R media. Using +R media with book type set to DVD-ROM probably provides best compatibility for all players.

My preference is Verbatim (or Infiniti) 16x +R media. The 111 series burn these very well at 12x & they generally seem to be more consistent than many other brands.

I biught the pioneer 111.
This booktypinh thing is it done automatically or do I have to change the settings?

If it’s the 111 then booktyping is only done (automatically) for +R DL media. It is not possible to do it for +R media. Only the 111L booktypes +R media.

I wouldn’t advise that you initially cross flash to the 111L without first doing some burns to make sure the burner is OK.

Ok thanks for the advise!

TimC makes a good point about doing some testing before cross flashing to be sure the new drive functions correctly and won’t need RMA. I’ve crossed flahed 2 111Ds to 111Ls with no problems but only after first testing the new drives.

What problems did you find on the original firmware before you cross flashed to 111L

No problems with the original firmware apart from the lack of functionality but you need to be sure you’ve got a good drive first.

No problems with original firmware. I simply wanted auto bit setting to DVD-ROM for single layer +R media, and cross flash is the way to achieve it.

I wanted this & RAM writing & of course I didn’t follow my advice about making sure it all worked fine before cross flashing. But that was my risk to take & my advice is always test it thoroughly first.

Thanks guys, I cross flash mine as well as soon as it was inserted into the tower.